Kobe beef, the Wagyu breed

This is a photo of the beef tenderloin with potatoes served at the Miramar Restaurant in Llançà. Grilled Wagyu beef and potatoes crinkled with salt. Very simple and tasty.

Simple? Not at all. Those chunks of meat have had their own way before reaching the plate. It all starts in Hyogo prefecture in Japan.

That's right, in the city of Kobe, capital of Hyogo (Japan), beef is called Wagyu, the name of the breed of beef that is raised in the area. They are very special cattle. During their growth stage they feed on selected grain, drink beer, receive massages and live in stables with ambient music. Its meat has as its main characteristic that the fat is infiltrated inside the muscle mass. This intramuscular marbling turns your steaks into a delicious bite: soft, tender and buttery.

But that's not all, in addition, Kobe meat contains 50% less saturated fatty acids than most lean meats that we can find in the market. Tasty and healthy. In Japan they come to pay for it more than 420 euros per kilo.

In Spain it can be found from about 150-200 euros per kilo. It usually comes from the United States, Australia or New Zealand, countries that are in the lead in exports. It comes from Wagyu cattle that, despite the Japanese export ban, appeared in the mid-1970s on the west coast of the United States. Today their breeding is spread throughout various countries including Chile, Belgium or Wales.

Those who have tried it in Hyogo restaurants say that it has nothing to do with what can be found around here. Still, a curious and interesting meat, with a very particular flavor that could be defined halfway between butter and foie.

Try it and you will tell us.

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