Vegan meat blows up the floor: Impossible Foods raises $ 300 million and Beyond Meat's share price triples


Many people continue to see vegan alternatives to meat as a more or less geek product, intended for a marginal audience, that has nothing to do with real beef. But investors do not think the same.

As has advanced ReutersImpossible Foods, maker of the vegan burger that bleeds, has raised $ 300 million in its latest round of financing, prior to its more than possible IPO, for a total of $ 750 million in investment.

Katy Perry appeared dressed as the Impossible Foods hamburger at the last MET gala

Impossible Foods' recent agreement with Burger King, whereby its hamburgers will be available little by little in the 7,200 restaurants that the chain has in the US, has driven the interest of investors in the company.

The initial supporters of the company - giants such as Bill Gates and Google Ventures - have now been joined by all kinds of well-heeled celebrities who want to jump on the vegan business bandwagon. Among the latest investors we find Jay Brown, Kirk Cousins, Paul George, JAY-Z, Trevor Noah, Serena Williams or Katy Perry, who even appeared dressed as a vegan burger at the last MET gala (as we see her in the opening photo , which he posted on his Instagram).

After this latest round of financing, the market values ‚Äč‚ÄčImpossible Foods at $ 2 billion, more than enough to go public, which is the company's ultimate goal. Although there is no rush. "We believe in self-sufficiency," he assured Reuters the firm's chief financial officer, David Lee. "Being ready to go public is a priority for the company because we need to be operating at the highest level of rigor, but we don't want to run, nor are we announcing an initial public offering."

The Impossible Foods hamburger is at first glance indistinguishable from meat.

A business that grows at an unstoppable rate

While Impossible Foods lays the foundations for its IPO, its main competitor, Beyond Meat - whose great advantage is that it has reached the European market earlier, where its hamburgers are already available -, has managed to triple its share price by little more than a week since its premiere on the Nasdaq on May 2.

Although Beyond Meat's market capitalization at its IPO was $ 1.5 billion (less than Impossible Foods could have), it is now priced at $ 4 billion.

This good result gives wings to Impossible Foods. "I think its IPO indicates that investors and consumers are ready for something better than the meat they have been eating for decades," concluded Lee in his statements to Reuters.

Images | Katy Perry / Impossible Foods

Share Vegan meat bursts the floor: Impossible Foods raises 300 million and the price of Beyond Meat shares triples

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