The 'vegan meat' continues unstoppable: Goiko Grill adds the Beyond Meat vegetable burger to its menu


The business of "meat without meat" continues unstoppable in a race to conquer the consumer precisely outside of veganism, with hamburgers "that bleed" as the main claim. Burger King surprised the United States with the announcement of its vegetarian Whopper, and now it is the popular chain Goiko Grill that is joining the trend of vegan meat by adding to its menu the fillets of Beyond Meat, one of the great competitors. From the market.

Thus, since the end of June, the burger restaurant has the option of choosing the vegan burger from the menu of all its restaurants, in addition to the "vegetarian" that the chain already had, based on chickpeas, couscous and vegetables. Why keep both versions? The new steak, in addition to being certified gluten-free, is completely different in its composition and its target audience: it also wants to convince meat lovers.

Veggie burger without gluten or soy that mimics the texture and flavor of meat

Unlike its main competitor, the start up Impossible foods, Beyond Meat's vegan meat was not specifically designed to bleed, although the juices from its composition and the red color of the beets can give that effect when cooked to the point. While "impossible meat" has not yet reached Europe, because it uses transgenic soy hemoglobin not yet approved by the EU, Beyond Meat is already being marketed in many countries.

Part of the team Direct to the Palate We were able to try the aforementioned hamburger in the past Salon de Gourmets, and we were really surprised by both the taste and the texture. When they start to cook on the grill the smell of hamburger fast food fills the air, and the last thing you might think of when trying it is plant products.

The Goiko Grill menu, with the new vegan burger already incorporated into the menu.

Without ever being comparable to a quality beef or beef burger, these new vegan burgers can convince the regular meat consumer to reduce their consumption with a tasty product that can meet their expectations. While the vegetarian version of Goiko is aimed more at people who practice a lifestyle in accordance with the principles of veganism, the Beyond Burger wants to attract the rest of the public.

Goiko Grill thus joins The Good Burger chain in offering a more sustainable alternative to its customers, embracing the trend that has dominated the gastronomic industry in recent years. As stated by the company itself, its objective is to adapt to the needs of all types of public, including alternatives for any type of diet, but maintaining its original style. That is why in Goiko the customer can assemble the hamburger to their liking from the type of meat.

We must remember that they are not particularly healthy hamburgers, as our colleagues from Vitonic. Made from pea protein, they are rich in protein but include a large amount of vegetable fats to make them tasty and mimic the consistency and flavor of a traditional meat burger.

The goal that has driven these pioneering companies is not so much to present healthier options, but to offer a more sustainable alternative accessible to everyone. Reducing global meat consumption in the short and medium term seems essential to curbing climate change, and it has also become a lucrative business that has only just begun.

Photos | Goiko Grill - Beyond Meat

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