Strawberry carpaccio. Recipe


At this point in spring, we are getting bored with some seasonal fruits, such as strawberries that have been on our tables for several months and for which we no longer feel the same desire as at the beginning. The fact is that now is when they are better priced and it is a shame that due to monotony we discard them from our menu.

A good option can be to use them for a different and refreshing salad, like this Strawberry Carpaccio. I particularly find that it combines perfectly with Parmesan cheese and that served as the basis for making this salad, inspired by the classic beef carpaccio.

Ingredients per serving: 6-8 large strawberries, Parmesan cheese, sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, ground black pepper, Modena vinegar and a gelatin sheet.

Preparation: Previously we are going to prepare Modena vinegar gelatin. The fact of using vinegar in this way and not in its liquid version, allows us not to flood the dish, in addition to giving it a different texture, and playing with the visual aspect.

We will heat the vinegar, about a cup, in a saucepan. Before boiling point add the gelatin sheet and remove from heat. We will stir until the sheets dissolve and form a dark uniform broth. As with all gelatins, let it cool in the fridge until it has a firm and solid texture.

On the plate we will place our sliced ​​strawberries vertically as thin as possible. We will correct the possible acidity with a little sugar. Salt, oil, ground black pepper and the juice of a lemon to garnish to taste. Finally we add the parmesan in flakes and the cubed gelatin, which we will have cut once it has cooled down.

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