Weiss Damm beer tasting

A few days ago its official presentation was made at Alimentaria 2010, it is the Weiss Damm beer, a wheat beer.

Talking about conclusions before developing my opinion may be anticipating but, honestly, we have a very different beer on our hands than what we are traditionally used to drinking around here. Which can be very good for our palate and especially to leave the classic and traditional beers that lack body.

Weiss Damm, elaboration with the German method

The photo, as you can see, is of the foam. When I photograph something, with my limitations, I always try to see that detail of difference with respect to other beers. To be able to take a photo like this you will have to understand that I have needed a little time and in that time the foam has practically not suffered at all. This is one of the details that I like the most about beer. Persistent bubbles and a really good foam for what a bottle beer is used to.

At first glance we have a blond beer, golden in color, very clean since there are no ferments present and with a cloudy aspect that the production of wheat beer gives. Also served in a long and narrow glass makes the carbonic present in a long and continuous chain. And above all it persists until the end of the beer, which is appreciated.

The beer is made according to the heffe-weissbier method according to which the yeast is not filtered, which gives it that cloudy appearance with a pale golden color.

Aromas and flavors are not bad at all. They are aromas, let's say of intermediate intensity, such as candies, toffees or the like. Taste is a beer slightly more bitter than what we are used to and has a very good touch in the mouth, not at all unpleasant. The aftertaste is very intense, lasting a long time in the mouth.

Weiss Damm

Wheat beer 5.0% Vol. Score: 8

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