Frozen Yogurt Tasting at Ö! Mygood


There is no denying that having an ice cream is a pleasure, but the truth is that depending on the diameter of our hips, there are those of us who have to think twice before eating one. Pecata minuta, there are worse things, but we never completely let go, you know what they say: a minute on your palate, a lifetime on the hips, or something similar.

For those of us who do not have a metabolism of those that burn everything like bonfires of San Juan, it is appreciated to be able to enjoy something delicious without the wise little voice that lives inside us reminding us of what is ours. That we already know, man, a little mercy ...

With a philosophy that sums up the spiel that I gave you in the first two paragraphs: pleasure without remorse, a group of gastronomic bloggers were invited to try a product that is being introduced in Spain at the hands of Ö! Mygood, a young company that Frozen Yogurt has its strong point, directed by Ana Pico and with Javier Aparicio as chef.

They wanted us to know what Frozen Yogurt is, where it comes from and why one day they decided to bring this product to Spain. Ana Pico, told us that it was on a private trip to New York in front of a glass of frozen yogurt, when together with her partner she saw the potential of the product clear and they began to think about this project.

At Ö! Mygood they make Frozen Yogurt according to their own recipe, it is basically frozen yogurt. The characteristics of the product make it differ from traditional ice cream in some points, having much fewer calories than these, but also with a shorter storage time at room temperature, something that must be taken into account when transporting it home. .

The gluten-free frozen yogurt is the star of the house and is accompanied by 18 toppings, including cereals, good sweets and also fruits. But you can also have natural juices (smoothies) based on yogurt, soy milk or water, as well as coffees, teas and some pieces of pastry.

We tried eighteen bites, eleven of them based on Frozen yogurt, four smoothies and three based on coffee or tea. The sensation of frozen yogurt in the mouth is similar to that of traditional ice cream, although creamier and looser than this, without a trace of crystallization, and with the advantage that, even when frozen, it dissolves in the mouth with less difficulty than conventional ice cream. .

The toppings and good sweets (syrups and powders) accompany the yogurt base in an irregular way, something that varies in taste, but personally I liked the small toppings and the good sweets more, which are completely mixed with the yogurt giving a homogeneous flavor to the bite. Large toppings (cookies, chocolate wafers ...) force you to taste solids and ice cream separately but as I have already mentioned, it depends on the taste of each one, they are still good combinations.

In the tasting sheet, we scored each bite, and in the end it was the Frozen Yogurt with caramelized soybeans, pineapple and matcha tea that we all liked the most.

Smoothies, or juices, are another good reference and you can see the presence of fresh fruit in their composition. With a consistent texture, they mix flavors that are recognizable, as in the mixture of melon, matcha green tea and mint, which is one of the anti-melon league, but she liked it for its fine balance between flavors.

Among the three drinks based on coffee or tea, it was the frappémacchiato that I liked the most, a very cold mixture with a good coffee flavor.

The place is carefully decorated, giving importance to lighting and has a secluded area of ​​sofas at the back. It can also be taken home, as they have suitable packaging and serve the chosen ingredients separately, so that after a few minutes in the freezer, they can be consumed at home.


C / Sagasta, 32- Madrid Hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 1:00 a.m. From 2.40 euros

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