Dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin: not all that glitters is gold

I was looking forward to having dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. One does not have the opportunity to try the cuisine of a five-star hotel every day, so after attending a presentation of LG appliances for Xataka Home I sat down at the table to discover that not all that glitters is gold.

Although it sometimes seems otherwise, my palate is easy to satisfy. It is enough to surprise me a little, that an unexpected flavor makes me close my eyes, something that was only slightly achieved by the dishes that the waiters posed so elegantly in front of me. Not that it was bad at all, just that it was a slight disappointment.

It is also true that since it is a great event, and not an à la carte dinner, one must understand that the quality cannot be the same, but I still have recorded the delicious red creamy rice that I could enjoy at a wedding held in The Duna rice bar has been over two years ago, so it shouldn't be an excuse given the category of the place.

As a starter, a classic Bavarian tartar, only this time with salmon, accompanied by a crême fraiche and a lime and ginger jelly. I wasn't expecting a big burst of flavor, given how un-tasty farmed salmon is, but I didn't find any trace of finesse or subtlety either.

Being a bit of an exaggeration, it was an experience similar to putting a slice of smoked salmon straight out of the container in your mouth. It's tasty, but you don't have to go to the Ritz for that.

To cleanse the palate and give way to the meat that was prepared as a second, we were able to taste a soup of peas and mint, with a kind of white foam on top that I could not identify. They looked like lightly beaten egg whites.

The truth is that the mint gave it a special touch of flavor - although it stayed between the teeth because it had not been strained well - but serving a light soup at a dinner like this was a challenge for the protocol of those present. Remember children: the spoon is the one that should go to the mouth, never the other way around.

As a main course, the star of the night, a piece of veal (I would say round) cooked just right over low heat. It melted in the mouth like a suckling lamb, so in that sense I discover myself to the cook, because the meat was perfect.

I closed my eyes, I confess, and that's usually enough, what happens is that everything that surrounded the meat left a lot to be desired, including a kind of potato and zucchini frittata. If we add to that that we are at the Ritz for a posh dinner, then what am I going to say: I expected more.

To top off dinner, dessert was a chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet. The sorbet was very tasty, but some mishap must have happened with the cake, because it reminded me of the crunchy chocolate and strawberries; all the diners suffering to break it with the spoon and the odd piece escaping from the plate.

Maybe I was a bit unfair, or maybe I shouldn't have expected so much from a dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin, but what has become clear is that not all that glitters is gold and that, as with many hotels, breakfast was the best, with a beautiful staging and a great variety of products, although nothing was spectacular either.

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