Light dinners with autumn foods: a Walk through the gastronomy of the network full of ideas to inspire you

Many of us are still waiting for the temperatures to drop even more, but autumn is already in the air; and in kitchens. The markets are filling with typical products of the season and every time you want to comfort yourself with seasonal dishes, but that does not mean that they have to be strong or very caloric.

Weekday dinners tend to cost more now that the good resolutions back to the routine are getting uphill. Luckily, we have found many ideas to prepare light and very appetizing recipes in our Walk through the gastronomy of the network, also taking advantage of autumn foods.

Vegetarian recipes to conquer everyone

Vegetarian or vegan recipes should not back off those who do not practice these eating patterns; on the contrary, they are always a great source of inspiration to try new dishes in which there does not have to be meat or fish. Dinner can be a good time to practice them, especially if we have already consumed animal protein for lunch.

Grilled endives with hazelnut vinaigrette, from a pinch of cinnamon.

Either way, the Peach Vietnamese Rolls from The Winter Guest are bound to be a hit with any diner. Fun to prepare and eat, they are very colorful, light, original and full of vitamins, a paradise of textures for lovers of crunchy. And they have another advantage: you do not have to light a fire to prepare them.

Also with that crunchy point, but easier and faster to prepare, is the spicy cabbage and spinach salad from Mercado Calabajío. In just 10 minutes it will be ready, light but full of flavor, and taking advantage of seasonal products such as apple or spinach themselves.

In Un pinch of cinnamon, Carmen suggests that we cook a vegetable that I personally love. Their grilled endives with hazelnut vinaigrette is as simple as it is tempting, with that rich caramelization of the endive after passing it through the fire. The nuts also always inspire the autumn kitchen.

Cauliflower and pumpkin burgers, Sweeter than salty.

A dish that children may like a lot is the cauliflower and pumpkin burgers from More sweet than salty, very appetizing with those homemade turmeric rolls that we can also find on their blog. The zucchini and carrot pancakes from My Sweet Temptation, which are also baked in the oven, are also suitable for "burgering."

Zucchini puree with almonds, from Veganizing.

If we already crave comforting vegetable creams to drink hot, Olga from Vegan learning shows us her star recipe for zucchini puree with almonds, which has triumphed among her "omnivorous" guests. Those who prefer something more nibble and with extra protein, while still being vegan, is the vegetable wok with textured soy satay from Mi Dieta Vegana, with the rich pak choi that is already grown in Spain.

More light and easy dinner ideas

Fish is often scarce on daily menus or in cafeterias, and it is not the simplest product to carry in a tupperware. That is why it is a good habit to reserve it for dinners at home, and it also cooks in a moment if we do not complicate ourselves with elaborate recipes.

Sardines a minute, from Cocinando entre Olivos.

Sardines are still in season; We left the grills and skewers behind to learn the recipe from Ana María's mother, from Cocinando entre Olivos. Their sardines per minute - although they actually need five - couldn't be easier and faster to prepare, when we already have the clean fish.

Another seasonal fish, tasty, affordable and healthy, is red mullet. In With Orchard flavor they encourage us to invest in some good clean specimens to enjoy all their flavor with the recipe for baked red mullet, seasoned with a Provençal of garlic, tomato, parsley and breadcrumbs.

Baked mullet, from With orchard flavor.

You don't always have to have bread on the table, but a small portion can always complete the plate.Instead of buying any mediocre bar in a hurry at the first supermarket that crosses our path on the way home -or worse, a gas station-, we can make in a short time the rich naan bread that Maite de Hierbas y spices teaches us, which does not needs oven.

Roasted banana with chocolate and seasonal fruits without sugar, from Blog de cuina de la dolorss.

And for dessert? Today we are proposing light dinners and the best option will always be seasonal fruit or natural yogurt - and you don't always have to have dessert as a rule. But we can allow ourselves the occasional whim, such as the recipe from Blog de cuina de la dolorss of roasted banana with chocolate and seasonal fruits without sugar, which is also made in the microwave.

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