Champagne Mumm by Cramant


Cramant's Mumm Champagne is a unique wine for several reasons.

The first one is your cupage. Or rather, the absence of him. That's right, most champagnes are made from a mixture of three varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. However, there are some monovarietals, that is, made from a single variety. Among them, the most common are "Blanc de Blancs", that is, made only with Chardonnay, like this Mumm de Cramant.

But the thing does not end there. In the "Côte des Blancs"Where it comes from, there are acres and acres of Chardonnay. Well, the Mumm de Cramant comes only from vineyards located in the town of Cramant, considered since 1911 as Grand Cru, the highest category that distinguishes the current classification. Excellent vineyard.

Up to here everything normal, it enters within the logical thing in the zone. But that's not all, in addition, Mumm de Cramant has a unique production that dates back to 1882 with its Crémant de Cramant, which is how this wine was called because it was bottled at less pressure than its brothers the champagnes.

Certainly, at that time, when the commercial wars to maintain an exclusive name that differentiated the product by its origin had not yet begun, the word "champagne" was used, regardless of its place of birth, to define sparkling wine bottled under pressure. : either in Reims, in Alsace or in the Penedès. And “Crémant” (also “Perle”) was reserved for the less sparkling wine, barely aerated: with fine and almost imperceptible bubbles that bottled at lower pressure conferred.

Later came the sales, the balance sheets, the earnings reports, the competition. And with them the exclusivity of the “Champagne” brand, relegating the beautiful and sonorous name of “Crémant” to other sparkling wines made outside the region: Crémat de la Loire, Crémant d’Alsace…, Cava in the Penedès.

But there are still in the champagne who makes crémants. Among them this Mumm de Cramant, bottled at 4.5 kg pressure at 20ºC, 2 years of aging in rhyme and made from Chardonnay from the town of Cramant, from a single vintage, despite not indicating it on the label. . A very fine, pearly wine, with a barely perceptible bubble, excellently integrated. Caramel notes, dried fruits and aniseed on the nose despite its short aging. Very fatty on the palate, with even a certain opulence, I would say, without the sharp acidity that "Blanc de blancs" but enough to give that point of joy that suits any wine. And more to a Champagne like this: fine, long and balanced that reminds us of what elegance is.

For the good old days!

Champagne Mumm by Cramant Grand Cru

Zone: AOC Champagne / Cramant / France
Varieties: 100% Chardonnay
Graduation: 12% Alc.
Price: 40-45 euros
Score: 9

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