Chefs Against Hunger 2009


Chefs Against Hunger is part of FAOL's Hunger-Free Latin America and Caribbean Initiative, the purpose of which is to invite famous international chefs to participate to make recipes with basic ingredients as well as kitchen utensils available to the most disadvantaged.

2009 is the second year that this activity has been developed. Beans and other similar legumes are chosen for Chefs to develop their recipes until April 24.

The recipes will become a recipe book rich and tasty but made with essential ingredients for its nutritional components. For example, last year a book was made with 65 recipes from all over Latin America with the "potato" as the main character.

Furthermore, the book has a dual purpose. Apart from serving as a source of nutritional information and rich and tasty recipes prepared by Chefs in their desire to feed and nourish. The funds raised from the sale of this cookbook will be used in anti-hunger programs.

The rules of the contest stipulate that Chefs, cooks or the general public can present. In addition to clearly establishing the type of basic ingredient (legumes) and how the development should be.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting initiative that is worth thinking about if we are going to present ourselves.

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