Chimichangas with spinach and mushrooms. Recipe

Yes, the first time I heard it I had to ask it, what are chimichangas? Very simple, they are a kind of burritos fried in oil or butter. They are usually variable in size and are rectangular in shape, as in packages. Yesterday I made these spinach and mushroom chimichangas.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 1 onion, 250 g of mushrooms, 250 g of fresh spinach leaves, 8 wheat tortillas, a little ground chili, 2 garlics, grated cheddar cheese, olive oil and salt.

How to make spinach and mushroom chimichangas

We make the filling. In a frying pan, fry the well-chopped onion. Add the garlic and the mushrooms and let them start to take color. We can add a little salt to help them cook, since they will release the water sooner.

Then add the spinach leaves and cook about 4 minutes before they become soft, add the ground chili as well. We remove from the fire and drain the water they have released.

We fill the previously heated tortillas to soften them (I made them at home). We add a little cheese and close them in square packages and fry until golden.

Processing time | 35 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


When we finish making the mushroom and spinach chimichangas, we take them out, drain on kitchen paper and serve hot. I have accompanied them with a little guacamole.

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