Chiringuito El Paso. Tourism along the Mojacar Coast

El Paso is one of the oldest beach bars on Mojacar beach. It even spent many years without neighbors around, but of course, this area, like so many others, is constantly growing and, now, El Paso is part of a whole.

Recently I was talking to you about the pluses and minuses of the beach bars, especially in this area, well, I have to say that the El Paso beach bar is one of those beach bars that gain over the years. A triumph for those in charge of this beach bar because, in this way, they ensure a fixed clientele. And a triumph for customers, because they know at all times where to go if they want, as in this case, to have tapas properly.

Let me tell you.

I have been visiting Mojacar for many years. In my beginnings there, I complained that they did not put a cover in any beach bar, when Almería is one of the places in the territory where it is best covered. A few years ago I got to know El Paso. A chiringuito on the beach, specializing in local fish and cold beer. They did not put cover, rations or eat with a tablecloth and everything (paper, of course).

This year, I went through El Paso, out of sheer nostalgia and, what was my surprise when I found that, not only did they put a tapa, but the tapas were excellent. Grilled sardines, squid, mussels, clams, fried anchovies. Just what the body asks for when it is in front of a very cold beer, in a beach bar, contemplating the sea.

For non-fish lovers they also have tapas, the typical Almeria tenderloin, bacon, chorizo, blood sausage, etc. Needless to say, more than one day and more than two, my summer tapas has been at the El Paso beach bar. Of course not. Also, of course, I have sent my friends there. It is the reward of doing things well, adapting to demand. Put a lid, in short. How it has to be.

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