Chivito: Uruguay's national sandwich that can well replace a good hamburger

When I lived in Latin America, I loved trying its most traditional dishes, so different from those I knew in Spain. One that I liked the most was the Chivito, the most popular sandwich in Uruguay, which I used to choose more often than a hamburger or other similar dish.

Although it is called a Chivito sandwich there, it is actually more a sandwich than a sandwich since it is usually made with ciabatta type bread and is a very satisfying dish, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Origin of the Chivito sandwich and its name

The origin of this dish, which is consumed today throughout the Uruguayan republic, comes from December 31, 1944, when an Argentine tourist arrived at the El Mejillón Bar restaurant in the Punta del Este resort, ordering goat meat, which apparently was common in the province of Córdoba where she came from. In the restaurant they did not serve that meat since it is not usual to consume it in Uruguay, so they prepared a kind of sandwich with toast, ham and cheese and a thin and juicy beef fillet in the middle.

Such was the success that in a short time, the owner of the restaurant, Antonio Carbonaro, sold nearly a thousand chivito sandwiches per day and two butchers in the area were exclusively dedicated to supplying him with meat. Today this recipe is known by the name of Chivito in Uruguay and can be found in two forms:

On the one hand, the Chivito or Chivito sandwich in bread, which is what we are going to tell you next. It is normally made with grilled beef fillets, ham and cheese and includes lettuce, tomato, olives or gherkins, and hard-boiled egg slices. Or on the other, Chivito on a plate, in which case it is served without bread. In this version on a plate, bacon or bacon is added to the griddle, caramelized onion and the hard-boiled egg is replaced by a fried egg placed on top of the rest of the ingredients.


For 1 people
  • Veal fillets one or two, thin and tender
  • Sliced ​​tomato 1
  • Lettuce head with leaves
  • Pitted olives 4
  • York ham (sliced) 2
  • Mozzarella or Havarti cheese, to melt into slices 2
  • Ciabatta type loaf or similar 1
  • Hard-boiled or cooked egg 2
  • Mayonnaise to spread bread
  • Potato chips for garnish

How to make the recipe for Uruguayan Chivito en pan

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time

We lightly toast the breads cut in half and spread them with mayonnaise. On the base we place lettuce leaves. We cook two eggs and after peeling them we cut them into slices that we place on the lettuce.

We cook the beef fillet over high heat on the grill or in the pan so that it is very juicy inside. When it is cooked, we put the ham and cheese slices on it, so that it melts on the meat.

Then we place the fillet on the rest of the sandwich ingredients, covering it with some tomato slices, olives or pickled gherkins and cover with the other half of the bread. We cut the Chivito sandwich in half and transfer it to a plate, serving it accompanied by fried potatoes as a garnish.

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