Chocolate Sponge Cake. Dessert recipe

You remember Donnay Hay's book, Simple Essentials Chocolate, because this Chocolate Sponge Cake is one of the recipes it contains, and of course I did not want to pass the opportunity to show it to you, since it is a very soft sponge cake with a spongy texture, thanks to the incorporation of air that is provided to the dough in the smoothie, which makes it delicious

One of the things I like most about this type of biscuits is how versatile they are, since they are ideal for serving fillings, and it is at this point that we can recreate ourselves, since the varieties are as many as you like, fillings jam, fresh fruit, cream, meringue or all together, as is this version that Donna offers us.


40 gr. normal flour, 40 gr. cocoa powder, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 4 eggs, 110 gr. sugar, 50 gr. of butter.

Optional: strawberry jam, strawberries and liquid cream.

How to make a Chocolate Sponge Cake:

The first thing we will do is put the eggs together with the sugar in the bowl of our electric mixer and let them beat for about 10 minutes or until we see that the dough has tripled its volume. (In the lower photo of the bowl, you can see the texture it must acquire).

While we are whisking, we will sift the flour, the cocoa and the yeast, three times, so we can make it as fine as possible and without any lumps. We will also melt the butter, in the microwave or in a saucepan, and we will reserve it.

Once we have our dough ready, we will add the flour, cocoa and yeast mixture twice, we must integrate it very carefully with the help of a spatula, so as not to deflate our dough and subtract air, since otherwise the cake will lose sponginess.

Once our mixture is incorporated, add the butter and repeat the mixing process in the same way and with the same smoothness.

When we see that everything is integrated, we pass it to our molds *, which we will have greased, I use bake easy, but if not you can always grease them with butter and flour.

Next we introduce our molds in the oven, previously preheated to 180º, for 25 minutes or until we prick the dough with a needle and see that it comes out clean.

After this time, we take our molds from the oven, let them cool slightly on a rack and remove from the mold.

Now we fill it with what we want, I put a layer of raspberry jam, one of whipped cream and another of fresh strawberries.

* The ideal is to share the dough in two molds of about 19 cm, but if you do not have it, put it in one and then cut it in half)

Processing time | 45 minutes
Difficulty | Half


The Chocolate Sponge Cake is perfect to accompany it with jams, although you can also fill it with pastry cream and even add a rich chocolate glaze, the possibilities are many.

Depending on the season in which we want a lighter or less dessert, in summer it is ideal with fresh fruit.

Another option is to flavor the dough, either with vanilla, any flavor you like or even with a liqueur.

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