Grilled beef steak with green lemon salad. Recipe

The beef steak is neither more nor less than the ribs of said animal, cut into bias fillets. They are suitable for griddle, wood fire and stews. They are cooked this way tender and juicy and, they are very well priced for being a cut of the so-called second class (which mania to measure the importance of things with such ease).

Well, today I bring you this recipe for grilled beef steak with green lemon salad that, I hope, makes you suck your fingers, as I have done. Don't miss out on this salad, it will most likely surprise you. You will tell me.

Let me tell you.

The ingredients

8 slices of churrasco, 1 lettuce, 1 avocado, 1 chive, 1 cucumber, 1 bunch of parsley, the juice of 2 lemons, salt and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

The preparation

We heat the iron (if it is on firewood better than better), and we mark the churrascos, round and round, that they are golden on the outside but juicy inside.

We make the salad, for this we chop the lettuce, avocado, onion and cucumber (this one half peeled) into pieces. Chop the parsley into julienne strips. We mix everything, salt, water with lemon juice and EVOO.

Processing time | 20 minutes
Difficulty | Low


This recipe for grilled beef steak with green lemon salad is to eat with your fingers and enjoy. Green salad helps digest red meat because it contains a lot of fiber. The lemon helps to "dilute" the fats with their acids, total, in the end it is a meat dish that feels good. My advice is not to accompany it with anything else, except a good wine, of course, to digest the meat well. But, if there are children or sportsmen and even kind hands, some potatoes or some pasta will go well as a garnish.

The steak with your fingers, sucking the bones.

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