Scientists believe it is impossible to achieve "zero risk" in food

Between September 14 and 17, the XVI National Congress of Food Microbiology in Córdoba and the scientists and researchers who participated consider that it is impossible to achieve zero risk in the consumption of products.

José Fernández-Salguero, the president of the organizing committee of the event and professor of food technology at the University of Córdoba, affirmed yesterday that, despite the efforts of state and European agencies, as well as researchers and consumers themselves , the reality indicates that there is no zero risk, which is why he has advocated deepening prevention measures.

For this reason, the key pillar is the study and proposal of measures that reduce risks to the maximum to guarantee healthy products to consumers. However, the difficulty involved in avoiding specific cases of poisoning, such as those caused recently by the coquinas of the Andalusian Atlantic coast or the scallops of the Galician community, was also recognized.

For this, you must have the consumer, who must properly handle food by looking at its expiration date or complying with the conservation recommendations for refrigeration, since if it is not done correctly there may be a risk of a deadly toxin remaining.

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