5 tricks to transform boring mashed potatoes into a winning side dish


As you well know, one of the simplest garnish recipes is mashed potatoes, but even if we take the trouble to make a good homemade mashed potatoes, many times this recipe is unappetizing because it is repetitive. That's why today I want to give you five tips to transform a boring mashed potato into a winning side dish, with ideas for adding an extra touch of flavor.

You already know that a good potato puree is made by cooking the potatoes with their skin, peeling them later and crushing them - better with a food processor to achieve the ideal texture - to which we then give texture by adding a little milk or cream and a little butter or olive oil.

5 tricks to transform boring mashed potatoes into a winning side dish

The first thing to improve the mash is to start with a good mashed potato. You can see the recipe for creamy mashed potatoes here. If you prefer to make a potato puree with the help of the Thermomix, here you can see how to get a creamy puree with this robot.

No matter how good it turns out, whether you do it homemade, by hand or with Thermomix or if you use the classic flaked potato puree, the puree recipe can be boring or tiresome since we always do it the same way. With these five proposals, you can vary and transform your purees into winning garnishes, the kind that disappear from the plate right away.

1. Add herb butter to your puree

A good way to add a special touch to your puree is to substitute the usual butter with which we give it a creamy touch at the end of the preparation, for a butter with fine herbs. You can prepare a roll of herb butter with our recipe, and then add it to the mashed potatoes until it is integrated. Add small portions as you test how it changes, until the mashed potato is to your liking.

2. Use a peppermint or spearmint oil

Make a peppermint-infused oil and pour it over the puree, and you'll be amazed at the impressive change in flavor. To make the peppermint oil, chop some mint leaves or spearmint, put the oil in a pan and when it is hot, turn off the heat and add the herbs. Let it infuse for a few minutes and you have the peppermint oil to brighten up your purees. (You can also use this oil to give a special touch to your recipes for pasta, risottos, fish ...)

3. Add grated cheese and gratin

It couldn't be simpler, but we love everything that comes to the table with gratin and cheese. You can do it laboriously by making the classic duchess potatoes that are made from puree, making mounds with a curly piping bag and sprinkling with cheese to then gratin. You can also do it in a simple way by putting all the puree in a source, cover with abundant cheese and gratin, taking the whole to the table. With this gratin puree you can make other recipes instead of using it as a garnish like these turkey tacos covered in gratin puree from Liliana.

4. Add diced vegetables to your mashed potatoes

In both the Irish mushroom puree recipe and the Irish colcannon recipe, the secret to transforming a puree into something special is to incorporate sauteed vegetables into the preparation. Do not stop trying these recipes because they are super addictive. He crunchy Crunchy of the sprinkles is really nice.

5. Add other ingredients to transform your puree.

Your mashed potato will cease to be a garnish and will become a main dish if you make a kind of lasagna with it like in this recipe by María José. For the filling, you can use meat, vegetables or a mixture of ingredients of your choice.

If you prefer, you can also put a single layer of the puree as a base and cover it with other ingredients. If you make a simple shredded bacon and mushroom stir fry and place it on a mountain of mashed potatoes, the appearance of the mashed will change completely.

We have more ideas to brighten up your mash

These five basic tricks to transform your mashed potato into a winning garnish work perfectly, trust me. The same boring mash becomes palatable and attractive, and everyone wants to help themselves to more mashed potatoes. Do the test with any of these tricks and you will be able to verify it. But if you're looking for more ideas to inspire you, we've got more suggestions to brighten up your mash.

  • Prepare some mashed potato fritters stuffed with spinach and fry them.
  • Give the mashed potato a spicy touch with an oil in which you fry some sliced ​​garlic cloves and a chilli as when you make garlic prawns.
  • Add the sauce from a roast beef on top and in addition to taking advantage of the leftovers, the puree will seem to come to life.
  • Add yogurt instead of milk and you will get an original puree with a sour touch.
  • Add two beaten egg yolks to your mashed potato to intensify its creaminess and add a deep yellow color.
  • Use purple potatoes or add a sweet potato to your cooked potatoes to make a puree with different shades.
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