Five fun things to add to lemonade


We know that the best thing to do when the heat hits is to take a dip at the beach or pool, but unfortunately it is not always possible. Then there is nothing like cooling off with a good cold drink, much better if we prepare our own soda like a rich lemonade. Here are five fun things to add to lemonade, in case you get bored of drinking it the same way or want to surprise your guests.

Water is the best way to quench our thirst and keep us hydrated, but every now and then we want to enjoy a flavored soda to brighten up our summer afternoons. It is always much more advisable to prepare our own drink before resorting to commercial ones, and lemonade is one of the best options if we control the amount of sugar. By adding different ingredients we can give it a lot of flavor by playing with the aromas.

Mixed flowers

The fashion for flowers in the kitchen is also transferred to drinks, especially with those that have much more aroma. The best ones that we can use to flavor lemonade are also those that are usually used in confectionery because they are very aromatic, such as lavender, violet, orange blossom or rose. In addition to giving a different touch to the drink, they will be very beautiful in the jug.

Choose natural fresh flowers, if possible without damage and very beautiful, and wash them gently before using them. For a lavender lemonade, add about 5-7 sprigs of flower for every liter and a half of lemonade, approximately. A touch of honey replacing part of the sugar goes very well with its aromas. If you opt for roses, keep in mind that their flavor is much stronger.

Frozen berries

I discovered years ago the simple but fantastic idea of ​​freezing berries to use as ice in cold drinks, and now they are not lacking in my freezer during the summer. We are in full season of these natural gems and we can take advantage of it to create fruity, colorful and delicious ice cubes.

Once the fruit is well washed, gently, just put a few different berries in the holes of an ice bucket, fill with water and freeze. This way we will add flavor, color and vitamins to the lemonade, for example with blackberries, raspberries, currants or blueberries. Bet on different colors to get a better effect.


The Gin Tonic fever has died down a bit, but botanicals of all kinds to add to the popular cocktail are still in vogue. But its use does not have to be exclusive to the combination with gin, we can be inspired by Gin Tonic recipes to give our homemade lemonade a twist.

What are botanicals? All those additions that are seen in the most glamorous ball glasses - or pretentious, depending on how you look at it -. Essentially herbs, spices, and some fruits. Cardamom pods, licorice sticks, rosemary, coriander seeds, cloves, kumquats, fresh ginger slices, peppercorns of various kinds, juniper berries or star anise are the most common. Try different combinations and find your favorite aromas.

Jalapeños or chillies

If you really want to surprise with your lemonade, go ahead and give it a spicy touch, you will see that it even enhances the sensation of freshness. You can take a small jalapeño or cut one in half, remove the seeds, chop it and add it directly to the lemonade. For more flavor, let it marinate with the lemon juice and sugar before straining it and adding the water.

You can also choose to use a chilli, the size you prefer depending on your tolerance to spice. Remove the seeds and grind it with the lemon, water and sugar, with some more fruit if you feel like it. Strain the mixture very well and serve with ice, with chilli slices to decorate if you feel like it.

Jelly beans

Gummies or sweets are not something to eat every day, but they can give a fun and very colorful touch to our homemade lemonades. There are so many varieties on the market that we can play with their shapes and colors, for example choosing those that are shaped like fish to make it look like they are swimming in the drink.

Perhaps the most famous are the typical bears of German origin, with a good fruity flavor and a wide range of striking colors. If we freeze them previously, they will keep whole for a longer time and will help to keep the lemonade very fresh. In addition to adding them directly, they can be threaded onto skewers or skewers for another decorative effect.

Unleash your creativity to add different ingredients to the lemonade and surprise at home. It doesn't take much trouble to give a different detail and enjoy refreshing drinks this summer, so as not to always get bored with the same thing. Can you think of other fun things to add to the lemonade?

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Directly to the Palate | American homemade lemonade recipe

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