Five easy and delicious video chocolate recipes made in no time

September 13 arrives and Live to the Palate we come up with the celebration of International Chocolate Day. Years ago we take the good habit to honor this food and 2019 will not be different. That is why we bring you five video recipes with chocolate that are easy, delicious and prepared in no time.

Well, the latter has a trick because to enjoy them in their maximum splendor it is necessary to let them rest and take shape. If not all of them, at least a part. This is why we recommend that you organize with a tad of time and do it a few hours before or, even better, the day before. Many elaborations win with rest and these are theirs.

Beetroot brownie

For us, the beet brownie is the best brownie in the world. It is tasty, juicy and with a flavor that many others do not have. No intention of making them ugly, but that's the way it is. Beets add moisture to the dough, something that cannot be achieved with anything else. It is a vegetable that fits perfectly in sweet preparations. If you have not tried to incorporate it into your biscuits, cakes, cookies, etc. do not waste time and trouble today.

Link to recipe: beet brownie.

Easy chocolate and coffee cake without oven

Perhaps you have grown up eating the biscuit and chocolate cake on your birthdays and those of your friends. If so, you will surely love the easy chocolate and coffee cake without the oven. It is a version of the first with that adult touch that coffee gives it, very special. It is ready in half an hour, although after assembly you have to let it take shape in the freezer. We can dedicate our valuable time to other tasks until the moment of consuming.

Link to recipe: easy chocolate and coffee cake without oven.

Chocolate and avocado mousse

This chocolate and avocado mousse is a dessert to surprise diners. Keep the secret of its ingredients and enjoy their faces when you reveal it. It is quick to prepare, ready in 15 minutes, and very easy. It can be consumed as it is ready, but the texture and flavor change with rest, so we recommend waiting 24 hours to enjoy it at its optimum point.

Link to the recipe: chocolate and avocado mousse.

Quick chocolate cream with red berries

Having this cream ready is not as fast as opening the wrapper of a chocolate bar and the crop, but almost. Especially if it is prepared with a kitchen robot. Although making this fast chocolate cream in the traditional way, which we also tell you in the link that appears below the video, is not much more entertaining. No more than 20 minutes and ready. It will only be left to cool.

Link to the recipe: quick chocolate cream with red berries.

Quick and easy chocolate cake

There are recipes that are made to revolutionize our kitchens and tables and to give much, but much, pleasure to our diners. This is one of them, the quick and easy chocolate cake that is prepared in 15 minutes and does not take more than a few hours in the fridge to take shape before being ready to serve. It is slowly dying and you will love it.

Link to recipe: quick and easy chocolate cake.

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