The keys for your diet to help you strengthen your defenses, in the middle of quarantine


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and with the vast majority of us in quarantine, we all seek to do everything possible to reduce the risk of becoming ill. For this reason, today we leave the keys for your diet to help you strengthen the body's defenses.

Nutrition for the immune system

Like our entire body, the immune system needs fundamental nutrients that contribute to its proper functioning and of course, this is in relation to other lifestyle habits, with stress, excessive alcohol or insufficient rest, being counterproductive in this sense. .

Therefore, under the concept of immununutrition, today we will remember the keys to strengthening our defenses through diet, that is, through what we eat.

Although good rest, reducing stress, exercising regularly and other good habits are also very helpful, in the middle of quarantine many of us may have hindered training or feel more stressed than usual, therefore, we recommend putting efforts in food.

The nutrients that cannot be missing from your table

Although the basis of a healthy body is a balanced diet in which there is no lack of nutrients of any kind, it is known that certain components of the diet are key to our immune system.

Thus, in addition to offering enough calories, the nutrients that we advise are not lacking in your daily table are:

Vitamin C

More than helping to prevent colds, vitamin C favors the defenses, reduces oxidative stress at the cellular level and therefore, when we experience an infection, the duration and intensity of its symptoms can be reduced.

For this reason, we recommend that fresh fruits and vegetables are not lacking in the usual diet, especially citrus fruits, peppers, papaya or guava, watercress, cabbage and other source foods.

Vitamin D

It is a vitamin that we generally do not associate with our body's defense system, however, it has been proven that it can reduce the risk of respiratory infections such as the common cold.

Likewise, in hypertensive patients it is very useful to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus because it counteracts the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

On the other hand, it helps the cardiovascular system and takes care of bones and teeth.

In quarantine in that we hardly expose ourselves to the sun, more than ever we must take care of the intake of this vitamin that we can find in fatty fish, egg yolks, whole or enriched dairy products and other foods.

Quality proteins

Essential amino acids are part of many structures in the body and are also necessary to build good defenses, therefore, we recommend that our diet does not lack quality proteins or high biological value.

We can obtain them from all kinds of foods of animal origin, or by combining legumes with cereals, nuts or seeds.

Unsaturated fats, especially omega 3

Polyunsaturated fatty acids or omega 3, are a type of fat that has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body and protects every cell in the body.

Therefore, they are very helpful for our defense system to function properly and we can find them in nuts and other dried fruits, seeds, vegetable oils and also, in fatty fish and derivatives of these.


Either through foods of animal origin such as meat or eggs or, with green leaves, legumes and certain nuts, we can obtain this nutrient that contributes greatly to our defenses.

Iron is a mineral necessary for the adequate oxygenation of the body and also, intervenes in the synthesis of DNA, being therefore useful when creating a good defense system in our body.

Vitamin E

It is a vitamin with an antioxidant function and for that reason, above all, it helps to keep the immune system working properly, keeping us away from diseases.

We can find it in nuts and seeds, in vegetable oils and to a lesser extent in dried fruits and green leaves.

Carotenes, hydrates, selenium and others

As we said at the beginning, a quality diet and in which nutrients are not lacking is the best option to keep us healthy and away from diseases.

In this sense, carotenes with antioxidant function, selenium, calcium and carbohydrates are other nutrients that should not be missing from our daily table.

We can obtain them from fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.

In conclusion: to stay healthy, a balanced diet is the key

Again we repeat this concept because in addition to certain nutrients, it is essential that the diet is not excessive or too scarce, since it would add stress and risk of diseases to the body.

Likewise, in the diet everything is a set, we cannot see each nutrient separately but it is important to look at the whole.

In this sense, it has become clear that by eating a varied diet, with foods of high nutritional density and in adequate quantities, we will undoubtedly keep the body's defenses in good condition.

We recommend accompanying it with adequate hydration and, if possible, with a good rest and regular exercise.

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