Brazilian cuisine: salty heart of palm not spit or skewers of palm heart salad with mini kumato®


We are approaching the end and there is more and more tension in the games. Although many teams have already said goodbye, we leave the penalties behind to continue enjoying the best football and the best recipes, which this time take us to Brazil, undoubtedly one of the strongest teams.

Heart of palm is a very typical Brazilian product that can be tasted on its own and also incorporated into various dishes. In the middle of summer, what is most helpful is a good salad, but such an important occasion asks to enjoy it in front of the television with a more special and festive presentation, some colorful skewers with mini kumato® to devour with your hands.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 16 mini kumato®, 8 hearts of palm, 1 red onion, assorted green leaves (trocadero lettuce, batavia, arugula, spinach shoots, lamb's lettuce ...), extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, black pepper, thyme and salt.

How to make the heart of palm and mini kumato® skewers

We start by washing and gently drying the mini kumato® tomatoes. We drain the palm hearts from the canning liquid and cut them into two or three pieces. We wash and drain the green leaves. We peel the onion and cut it into squares.

Next, we assemble the skewers using short skewers, not very thick. We alternate a piece of heart of palm, mini kumato® tomato, green leaves and onion, to finish with another heart of palm and a last mini kumato®.

We reserve each unit while we continue to assemble skewers. Arrange on a serving plate or tray and dress with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Season with thyme and season to taste.

Processing time | 15 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


These colorful palm heart salad skewers with mini kumato® are very versatile to accompany whatever we want. By themselves they are a delicious, very healthy and fresh appetizer, and they are also an excellent garnish or snack for a barbecue. To the Brazilian, of course.

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