Cooking with Art: King Zcorpio's Chinese Dragon


Recently our colleague Eliana spoke to us about the relationship between art and gastronomy in this post in which she told us how the Japanese chef Ken Kawasumi made an attempt to recreate Van Gogh's sunflowers with sushi. See how it was in the link below.

Well, as a result of that information, our friend King Zcorpio has made up his mind and sends us some photos with his works.

In this case it is a Chinese Dragon made of chocolate and elastic dough. In addition, he sends us the recipe of the dough with which he has worked his creation:

1 Kgr. of Glass sugar, 1 tablespoon of hydrogenated butter, 1 tablespoon of tragacanth gum, 1/2 cup of glucose, 6 tablespoons of boiled water, and finally, essences to taste.

Now "only" remains to model the figurine ... I don't dare. And you?

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