Cooking with figs: 15 recipes for those who love this fruit


Although during the rest of the year we can have dried or preserved figs in the form of jam and marmalade, now the moment of the short season of fresh figs begins, a delicacy that summer gives us and that I invite you to enjoy in your kitchen.

In addition to its versatility, becoming the perfect complement to salads, meats, liqueurs, desserts or sauces, the fig is a fruit, well rather an infrutescence, energetic, remineralizing and very healthy. Not for nothing did the ancient Greeks feed their athletes to compete in the Olympics.

Today I bring you a selection of 15 great recipes for those who adore this fruit, so that you can get the most out of this summer season of figs, recipes where the fig is the protagonist, providing flavor, texture and sweetness.

Delicious starters with figs

Among many qualities of figs is their ability to blend divinely with savory products, which makes them a special fruit to make rich starters and appetizers.

Among them are these puff pastry toasts with figs, with a simple but very attractive presentation, which would be useful as an aperitif and even in a large size for dinner.

If you had liked this proposal, but you think there is something missing, that is surely you were waiting for these mini puff pastry with figs and two cheeses, a recipe that can also have a crunchy touch simply by changing the puff pastry for the brick or filo pasta.

As we are in summer, maybe you love these recipes, but there are people who are lazy to turn on the oven, if you are among them, but you want an appetizer with figs, look at this one with balsamic figs with goat cheese and pistachios, With recipes as easy and rich as this one, there is no excuse not to take them.

When we are in season for a fruit, I don't know about you, but I always take advantage of the price drop to buy more and make preserves, preserves that will later be used to make appetizers like these mini pizzas of Serrano ham and homemade fig jam, or this baklava with goat cheese and fig jam, both perfect for those who enjoy with contrasting flavors of sweet and salty.

Refreshing salads with figs

Figs combine very well in salads, especially with salted sausages and blue cheeses, giving them sweetness and that fresh touch that these types of dishes need. In this case with Iberian bacon and English blue cheese, to give rise to this rich recipe for a salad of crispy figs and Stilton cheese, which, if you can't find it, can be substituted for one of our great blue cheeses.

Vegetarian recipes with figs that you will not miss anything

When you discover this recipe for pumpkin spiced with eggplant, figs and honey, you will find a whole symphony of colors, flavors and textures in the same dish. So much so that you will not miss the meat or the fish, no matter how little vegetarian you are.

An ideal dish for a light dinner and to which you can add spices and give it an extra point of flavor or accompany it with couscous or another grain.

Also vegetarian is this pizza with fresh goat cheese, figs and honey, an exquisite combination where the ingredients are in balance and that simply accompanying it with a salad, we already have a special and different dinner.

Canned food, the most delicious way to enjoy figs all year round

As I mentioned earlier, I am one of those who before the season is over, I get a stock of figs to make different jams.We started with a classic version, the fig jam with brown sugar, a slightly less sweet option than usual, but very rich.

If you want to add something else, I suggest this delicious spiced fig and walnut jam. Delicious to have for breakfast, but also to accompany some Camembert cheese or goat cheese toasts.

Also to accompany pork and chicken, this fig chutney is exquisite, which manages to make a roast dish spectacular simply with this aromatic contribution.

A classic preserve is to put the fruit in liqueurs, to later be served as a dessert or with a glass. We bring you two recipes in case you want to preserve the figs like this, one of candied figs in Port, an exquisite but laborious recipe and some spiced figs with whiskey, ideal to accompany toast, yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

Desserts with figs that make us travel to other places

Desserts with figs remind me of countries in Africa. Not surprisingly, it is in the Maghreb and the rest of the Mediterranean where more sweets are prepared with this fruit, both fresh and dried. For a very special breakfast I propose this cake with figs, honey and almonds, a cake that will remind you of the Galician Santiago Cake, due to its abundance in this dried fruit.

This has been our selection of 15 recipes to cook with figs. If you are already a fan of this fruit, you will be delighted to prepare them, and if you have never cooked with them, it is already taking time to try this delicacy that summer offers us.

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