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Last year I visited the hospital regularly, as a relative had health problems, and at times I had to go to the vending machines to remove the hunger that leaves a long wait in the emergency room. The panorama was bleak, with unspeakable sandwiches illustrated with sauces as suspicious for their color as for their flavor, and filled with slices of who knows what.

At that time he would make crosses for me because I did not understand that in a hospital so little care was taken about food, grouping at the entrance an army of vending machines of unhealthy food of no quality. And I was wondering if it is so difficult to do things right, to use an edible lettuce, a palatable ham or a cheese that does not look like a plastic sheet.For the price they charge per unit it should be.

So when this morning, when reviewing my feeds, I read that two companies have joined forces to offer quality menus in vending machines, I remembered that bad streak and their impeccable emergency bites. This is the Sanae Corporation, promoter of the Sanae and Alliance Vending menus, which present complete and healthy menus for sale in automatic machines.

At the moment there is no news about which will be the points of sale of these menus consisting of first course, second course and dessert, but in any case it is good news, and a gap that opens in this business with one, so far, deserved notoriety.

Via | Sanae Blog Menu
Image | Miidorisyu on Flickr
Directly to the Palate | More fresh fruit vending machines are needed

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