Easier to clean gas ranges


I remember that when I did the kitchen renovation a few years ago, I had a certain controversy with my girlfriend, about whether we kept the stove with four gas burners, or if we switched to the ceramic hob. To resolve the controversy, I will tell you that we continue to use the stove with fire, although we had to look for gas stoves that are easier to clean.

I defended the advantages of gas, the precision with which the flame could be regulated, its constant heat, and why not? also the romanticism of the flame, without forgetting that I had learned to cook with gas, and I did not really want to adapt my habits to the ceramic hob or the then nascent induction cooker.

However, against the gas cooker, it had a drawback that was difficult to overcome, since it was very laborious and it took a lot of effort to keep the stove and the surface very clean, I remember that it was made of stainless steel, from which the fires.

Finally, after a laborious search, I found cookers that worked with a gas fire, but that were much easier to clean, since they were mounted on a black glass surface like ceramic hobs. With this, one of the biggest drawbacks was eliminated, and the advantages were maintained, so we finally opted for that option.

These days, searching the web to update the data on the occasion of our special Kitchen with fire, among the domestic gas cookers that I have found, today you can buy modern gas cookers mounted on black glass, like the one I have.

Virtually all manufacturers offer similar kitchens, with very attractive and modern designs, as well as mixed kitchen assemblies with gas and induction burners, all of them mounted on a simple-to-clean surface, made of black glass or even other colors, and These modern gas cookers, I find them very interesting.

In addition, all kinds of retro-style gas cookers, even those that reproduce the old inexpensive cookers like the one my grandmother had in town, which I suppose are still as laborious to clean as the old ones, although they have a very special charm like you see in the photo that heads this post.

Undoubtedly, everyone can choose the type of kitchen they want to fit into their countertop, but if you like cooking with gas, and you are looking for a type of gas stove easier to clean than the old ones, gas cookers mounted on glass can be a highly recommended option.

In addition to their attractive design, they maintain the advantages of the gas cooker, and are much cleaner than the cookers of before, although the work to keep the burners well clean is still the most complicated point, since they require a lot of attention to keep them clean like the first day.

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