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This is another one of the books I bought at the Book Fair last month. I admit that when I saw the title it already captivated me because I cook for jpgts, it is a book that describes with great photographs and details a lot of jpgt ideas that we can cook in our homes.

Cookies, jams, homemade preserves, all of them find their place in this great compilation of homemade recipes that, presented as jpgts, can make us look very good at the next dinner they invite us to, or be valid to entertain friends or family.

The book is divided into several sections, dedicated to appetizers, mustards, cakes, jams, cookies or liqueurs, and in each of the more than one hundred recipes that it includes, it contains tips for packing and even tips on preserving jpgts.

The book highlights the simplicity in the explanations and the taste in the final or finished presentation of each idea, which makes the content very attractive and useful for those of us who like to cook and give away our preparations. I also really liked the canning techniques and ideas for chocolates, petit fours and other sweet preparations.

Cooking is generosity, and from there, the book is a great source of inspiration to make jpgts made by our own hands that are unique and special. In addition, the book I cook to give away, includes in its final pages, some tables of equivalence of the metric and Anglo-Saxon system that are very useful for many recipes.

I cook to give away

Paola Loaldi Editorial Everest ISBN 9788444120348 Price 15.90 euros

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