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If a few days ago I was talking to you about the book Indie Cuisine that combines two of my passions, gastronomy and music, today I want to present you another book that analyzes the gastronomic panorama from the point of view of cinema. It is about Comer de cine, a book by Pepe Barrena that I have really enjoyed.

Cinema and gastronomy have a great relationship: many film festivals include cycles of gastronomic films, and it is unquestionable that the plot of many films unfolds around numerous dishes, tables and recipes. For this reason, I found Pepe Barrena's analysis of the gastronomic panorama in this book very interesting and ingenious.

"Comer de cine" is not a recipe book, nor a film book, but rather analyzes the evolution of certain ways of cooking, based on famous scenes or movie sequences that revolve around a dish or a type of cuisine .

The author is the creator of Cinegourland, the Film and Gastronomy Festival that is organized in Getxo and which has already been six editions with great public success. I hope that this book will have the same success as with the festival.

With a foreword by the filmmaker Antonio Saura, "Comer de cine" has 39 chapters with names as funny as Hannibal and the offal about the silence of the lambs, Don Fanucci's espresso that recreates a scene from the wonderful Godfather I, The bread, Moon spell with Nicolas Cage and Cher or The omelette "Airbag" which analyzes the famous Russian roulette with amanita muscaria tortillas in which the great Karlos Arguiñano participates as an actor.

The book is very well written. It is very easy to read because of the great prose with which it is written, and also because all the stories based on cinema sequences analyze the gastronomic panorama and address controversial issues about the new trends of restaurateurs.

That the air is a breeze in the right landscape, that the foam is that of a relaxing bath, that the pairings are eternal love stories, that when leaving a restaurant we always want to return

With that phrase ends one of the chapters of the book, called the Customer Manifesto, in which the return to natural product is defended, the disappearance of bombastic names, the desire for waiters to know what they are serving without having to go to the kitchen to ask, that the traditional recipes are respected.

For all of the above, I would like to recommend reading Comer de cine, a book by Pepe Barrena that will make you enjoy cinema and gastronomy while you discover, sequence by sequence, the interesting reflections that the author makes about the world of cuisine in our time. And all this with a sense of humor that will make you smile on every page.

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Pepe Barrena Editorial En Boga ISBN 978-84-940276-0-4 Price 18 euros

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