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Our stay in Lisbon was a great experience; During those days we were able to get to know the city and feel almost caressed by the kind treatment of its inhabitants; In few places have they made me feel so good, really. Between itineraries and walks, night massages on the feet, and much bacalhauWe did not want to stop enjoying something very very typical, a Portuguese hallmark: fado.

Fado inevitably reminds me of my father, because when we were little he played tapes of Amália Rodrigues that I listened to in ecstasy. So this was a good time to soak up it, while still feeling a bittersweet pang of nostalgia. For this we chose one of the many restaurants with a fado show in Lisbon, the Café Luso.

When going to these types of restaurants, it is necessary to be very clear that the show is included in the price, hence its bulky numbers. At the Café Luso about 15 people take the stage for almost an hour and a half of performance and with a very good level. Otherwise the value of the minute could not be justified, since its cuisine is irregular and does not offer great surprises, at least positive ones.

We went to the restaurant at 8:15 p.m. and there were already some tables occupied. They assigned us a table next to the stage which was not to our liking, since it was lying right under a powerful jet of air conditioning, to which I am allergic. After asking twice for it to be lowered, in the end they told me that they could not regulate it and offered us another table that was equally well placed, but in a less icy environment.

The service is uniformed in the old fashioned way, with the essential white jacket, and they are very ceremonious about the placement of bread, drinks and snacks. The latter, at a price of 7 euros, consisted of a sausage similar to chistorra, cheese, some delicious olives, and butter packed in a tub, which clashed with the ceremonious and pseudo-luxurious atmosphere, but which is a constant in dining rooms. lisboetas.

We asked for a salty Primaveril with mozzarella cheese, cogumelos and sultanas to share, which came to the table after the main dishes, although we did not want to give importance to this detail and we ate it as a side. Nothing to write home about, a mixture of lettuce, mozzarella, raisins and roughly laminated mushrooms, it all has to be said.

My companion chose a bacalhau with broa de milho, (cod with corn bread) a very rich dish, served on a base of cooked fresh coriander and with a garnish of roasted potatoes. I tried it and found that the texture was much more pleasant and easier to eat than that of the bacalhau gratinado with queijo loverigado which I ordered, which arrived at the table very past point, quite dry.

The cheese gratin was allowed to be eaten, but it did not console the poorness of the dish. It also had the garnish of fresh cooked coriander, and some roasted potatoes. It seems that on the subject of garnishes they do not break their heads too much, or that or coincidence ...

As we were in the mood to drink vinho verde, we ordered a bottle of Quinta da Aveleda, fresh and well kept in the ice bucket, it really surprised me with its pure grape flavor. Gastronomically, the best of the night. In view of the uneven quality of the cuisine and the prices of the desserts, 12 euros, we decided to go directly to the cafe, which, as expected in Lisbon, was very good.

The final bill, sharing a first course, with two seconds, two coffees and a bottle of wine, 60 euros per person. They also offer a tourist menu at 40 euros. But it must be said that the show is very good, that it goes from less to more, gaining in feeling and vocal quality as the interpreters alternate. A truly picturesque group of dances came out on stage between fado and fado, giving a lot of dynamism and joy to the evening.

To put the finishing touch, the dance group said goodbye, asking, so to speak, the collaboration of some unsuspecting clients in the last dance. While trying to take some photos I was literally pushed onto the stage, with a bow between my hands taking two steps forward, one step back and so on for four endless minutes.

I just hope that none of the friendly diners who fired their flashes on the group of perplexed improvised dancers, of which my partner and I were part, will be able to post their beautiful and hilarious photos online.

Cafe Luso

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