Eat healthy Directly to the Palate (L): the light menu of the month


On these dates when we all usually lose hope of controlling weight and not gaining weight, we encourage you not to lower your arms, since we can eat healthy and to achieve this we offer you our help as every month, offering a light menu with included recipes and advice. that can guide you on the right path.

The light menu of the month

As we always say, our light menu of the month is intended to be a guide to help you eat healthier, therefore, we incorporate suggestions for each meal and we invite you to adapt both recipes and portions and other aspects of the menu to your particularities or that of your family.

We will start by leaving the proposals for breakfast or snack for each day of the week:

  • A serving of porridge with almond milk and chia seeds.
  • Orange juice and whole wheat toast with avocados with baked eggs.
  • Glass of milk and pancakes without sugar or flour with fresh fruits and chopped nuts.
  • Glass of milk with nut cookies and unsweetened oatmeal.

You can choose one option for breakfast and another for a snack and repeat it every day of the week or vary the proposals if you are one of those who easily fall into monotony when repeating the dishes.

Of course you can also vary servings, ingredients or combinations of foods for your breakfasts and snacks each day.

Now, you have to leave the main meal proposals for each day of the week except Sunday, at which time we leave the choice of the menu to your discretion:

  • Monday: for noon we suggest a portion of Provencal meatballs in a crockpot accompanied by quinoa with vegetables, and for dinner we recommend a pomegranate pan and eggs accompanied by a fresh salad if desired.
  • Tuesday: the proposal for lunch is a baked sea bream with potatoes and for dinner, a pumpkin cream with dill that we can complete with an omelette of egg whites and mushrooms.
  • Wednesday: for lunch we recommend a portion of chicken stew with chickpeas with paprika and for the evening, a grilled swordfish with steamed vegetables.

  • Thursday: the suggestion for noon is a portion of black rice with cuttlefish and prawns in paella and for the evening meal, a roast chicken with green leafy salad.
  • Friday: for lunch we recommend a portion of gnocci in sweet potato sauce with mushrooms and for dinner the proposal is a low-temperature beef tenderloin with mushrooms and kale.
  • Saturday: the suggestion for noon is a portion of broccoli tart while for dinner we recommend a generous helping of cream of zucchini, cheese and leek.

Here we also advise adjusting portions to the particularities of each one and changing ingredients if we wish for others that we like best or that we have available at home.

Likewise, it is possible to change the proposal of one day for that of another as long as we respect the time of day for which it was suggested, since the preparations are chosen for lunch or dinner based on their specific nutrients.

Tips for completing the light menu of the month

In this month when we are full of events and thinking that the year is ending, it is very difficult not to fall into the temptation repeatedly, however, we can achieve a healthier diet by trying to avoid eventualities as much as possible and follow a balanced diet the days when we don't have events or celebrations.

We therefore propose not to advance the intake of Christmas sweets to these dates and to leave the food and caloric preparations only for the celebrations and special events, quickly returning to the healthy diet routine after their intake.

Likewise, it can be very helpful to stay well hydrated, try to eat as regularly as possible and not ignore whole meals or follow strict or magazine diets prior to holidays, since all they will achieve is a lack of control at the time of consumption.

Not anticipating Christmas or limiting ourselves strictly prior to it can be the key to eating healthier during the month of December, with a variety of events included.

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