Rainbow Food, by Henry Hargreaves


The other day, my partner Liliana was explaining to us why blue food is so unappealing to us. It's something that's definitely on display in this rainbow food series from Henry Hargreaves. A visually beautiful chromatic exercise, but not always inviting to take a bite.

The most striking of the series is the rainbow burger, in which not only the colors contrast, but it is also shocking to find things like green bacon or blue cheese or meat. Even if it used food coloring, I'm sure not many of you would want to have it as food.

More attractive are the pancakes, perhaps because it seems less strange to find colored pastries, but without a doubt what is most succulent to our taste buds is the ice cream with seven colored balls.

On the other hand, colored noodles are strangely artificial to me, as if they were made of clay instead of pasta, and we are not uncommon to find colored pasta for salad, although not so brightly colored. It is that violet is a lot of violet.

Perhaps this series of rainbow food would have been more interesting if the artist had tried to make it using real foods - with blue it would be difficult - but still, a curious exercise worth observing.

And you, would you eat some of this rainbow food?

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