Takeaway. Lentil salad with eel and salmon sandwich two sauces


Today it's time to eat at the office. And who says in the office, says in the store, in the van, in the work and in many and different places, because not all of us work in an office, but many are those who eat during a break in the working day. And on this day, when we open our case, the smells of fresh vegetables and legumes are mixed with the fragrant smoky aroma of salmon and the slight neutrality of eels.

Lentil salad with eels

This lentil salad with eels guarantees us the necessary weekly legume ration, even when we do not eat at home or prepare a spoonful dish. It is as fresh as it is nutritious and we can make it with packaged cooked lentils, or take the trouble to prepare them at home in advance.

The eels are easy to eat, their slight fishy flavor combines well in salads, and they provide a good portion of protein to the diet. A dressing based on extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of balsamic vinegar will be very suitable to season this salad.


200grs of cooked brown lentils, cherry tomatoes, pitted black olives, 100g of baby eels, 1/2 green pepper, mixed lettuce, a little bottle of dressing.

Preparation of the lentil salad with eels

The preparation is very simple. We will make sure that the lentils do not have excess liquid and are very firm and loose; if they are packaged, drain them by cooling them with plenty of water in a strainer. Finely chop the pepper, cut the cherry tomatoes into two halves and crush the olives with our fingers. We mix the already chopped with the lentils and the eels. We place the lentil salad in the tuper on a bed of lettuce mixture and close hermetically.

Salmon sandwich with two sauces

Smoked salmon is a good wild card; It is used to make appetizers, as a first course, and in sandwiches or snacks it is very tasty; That is why I especially like to make sandwiches with this attractively colored fish. Rocked between two sauces, a mayonnaise and a smooth antique mustard cream, smoked salmon feels like a fish in water.


Two slices of large sandwich bread, 80 grams of smoked salmon, mayonnaise, old mustard sauce, lettuce and half an onion.

Preparation of the salmon sandwich two sauces

Spread the slices of bread, one with mayonnaise and the other with the mustard sauce. Cut the onion into fine julienne strips. We assemble the sandwich in the following order: lettuce, salmon and onion, and cover it with the remaining slice.

This menu to eat at work can be complemented with a serving of fruit, a small bunch of grapes, or a kiwi, light fruits that offset the strength of the lentils. One day we will make a salad to go with fruit in its composition, some pineapple or strawberries, for example, in a combination of sweet and salty that is always a success.

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