How to roast eggplants in the microwave, the easiest and fastest way


We love aubergines roasted in the traditional way, in the oven or in the flame, but we do not always have the time they require. So we resort to roasting them in the microwave, in the easiest and fastest way, and we have them ready in (at most) 15 minutes. Either to enjoy them by themselves, to fill or to use in other recipes.

In addition to the time we save by roasting eggplants in the microwave, we also save a considerable amount of electricity. Because lighting the oven just for this purpose is an extravagance. And already mentioned advantages, we hardly use a thread of oil so the result is very light.

How to Roast Eggplants in the Microwave

At Directo al Paladar we are very fond of the microwave and we try to use it daily. Microwave roasting eggplants is a great way to get the most out of this appliance, which is often relegated to heating up milk for breakfast or reheating leftovers.

We wash the aubergines well and cut in half lengthwise. If we are going to fill them, we make cuts in the pulp without reaching the base. We can cut the aubergines into smaller pieces if we are not going to fill them, but we will still have to cut the pulp. Season with a thread of extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper.

Cut the pulp and season to taste

What are these cuts for? What do we get with them? Well, the cuts facilitate cooking, which occurs faster and more uniformly. They also help the seasonings, if used, to penetrate better into the meat of the aubergines, making them more tasty.

Cover with plastic wrap before placing in the microwave

In this way the aubergines can already be cooked. You just have to put the aubergines in a microwave-safe container, cover with plastic wrap, make a few holes on the surface and program for 10 minutes at maximum power.

Eggplant roasted in the microwave and ready to eat

The time is approximate, it will depend on the thickness, size and type of eggplant. For this reason we check the point before ending the process. In case it is not ready, we program a couple more minutes at full power and so on as many times as necessary. Usually it takes no more than 15 minutes.

Once our aubergines are ready we can season them with other spices, they are delicious with cumin, garlic powder or paprika, and / or aromatic herbs, thyme, oregano or rosemary, among others. They can also be accompanied by grated cheese, sesame seeds, pomegranate, pine nuts, yogurt sauce, etc. To everyone's taste.

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