How to reconcile family life with eating at a restaurant

On Sunday they invited me with my family to the new activity they have prepared at the Hotel Puerta de América for the whole family, the family brunch on Sundays. I was delighted to accept because for a long time I have thought that the hospitality industry in general lacks something basic: a space for families to enjoy.

When I go to a restaurant, whatever it is, I like to think about my comfort but also about the rest of the diners. I understand that nobody likes that a naughty child spoils their food. That is why I believe that responsibility should fall on two parties.

The primary responsibility, of course, is that of the parents. It is their responsibility to educate their children. Although I am one of those who thinks that the character of children greatly influences how they act. It's not just about taking them everywhere since they are babies. Explanation that I hear very often.

The other part of the responsibility should lie with the restaurant itself and its business model. The entrepreneur is free to establish the operation of his restaurant, of course. And this is where a new typology of restaurants should enter, family restaurants.

If you own a restaurant and see that one day a week there is a lot of influx of families with small children, you may be interested in setting one or two special days a week to receive these types of customers who have different needs than those of couples or groups of friends.

How to enjoy in a restaurant when you go with kids

The needs of a family, for example a couple with two children - coincidentally mine - are:

  • On the one hand, a differentiated letter, the normal letter for the elderly and a letter for the little ones. And why not include a section for baby food.
  • On the other hand, special hours. Maybe start eating at one in the afternoon. The little ones have meal times that start at 12 noon. And then it's an early nap. Hours that are not usually adjusted to the parents' meals.
  • After the little ones 'meal, a space for the babies' nap and a space for the little ones, supervised by an animator or caregiver, to play, paint, etc. And as long as parents can eat without stress.
  • Other details such as cutlery and crockery for the little ones, helium balloons, enough high chairs for all the little ones, etc., will help create a better climate for the little ones.

Sundays with the family

Thus, the idea of ​​a family brunch at the Puerta de América Hotel was very attractive. Although, a priori, there were two things that I would improve, and since at the moment it was the first day that they organized this activity, I will allow myself to indicate them.

One the name brunch for this type of food. I think that a brunch must necessarily be what unites breakfast and lunch, hence its name. And in this case we were facing a different meal, which clearly has another name, buffet. So for it to be brunch, they should extend the hours earlier and include more gastronomic offer, with breakfast items, more juices, etc.

The second is that they were a bit overwhelmed to see that more "babies" arrived from the account. And with five or six high chairs they did not have enough. So we had to hold the little girl in our arms. Luckily she is a saint and while she was pecking ham we were able to eat.

As for the food very good, a lot of variety. On the one hand, the buffet table for the little ones with everything that even a dwarf might like, hamburgers, steaks, French fries, squid, croquettes, hot dogs, etc. The glasses and plates are a success because surely they are the ones that many of us have at home, the colored plastic utensils from Ikea, and I must confess that we love them.

The buffet for the elderly consisted of two tables. A cold table with a variety of salads and ingredients to add to them, vegetable sushi and smoked salmon, cooked prawns, oysters, smoked meats, cold cuts and Iberian ham, etc. An area for desserts with small portions of pastry and glasses of rice pudding and custard.

The hot table was made up of rice, different types of pasta with their own sauces, garnishes of all kinds, and jewels, two pieces of roast beef: on the one hand roast beef and on the other a roast ham, both with meat sauce for glaze.

After dinner, the little ones went to ride a castle with a swollen air with a cheerleader who painted their faces. And there while they ran we could enjoy a bit of calm at the table.

Without a doubt, this type of activity is a success that I hope others will imitate. It is not about doing it the same, just looking for how to adapt a restaurant, even if it is small, to a family day.

Silken Gate of America

Sundays with the family MAD Restaurant at the Hotel Silken Puerta América From 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Adults 35 euros Children from 5 to 12 years old 18 euros Children under 5 years free

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