How to freeze fish and seafood at home correctly and safely

Although fresh fish is a delight, there are many food safety reasons that recommend us to freeze it, before consuming it, to avoid the risks of anisakis. But do you know how to freeze fish to maintain its quality and properties? We give you the keys.

Protecting against anisakis is not the only reason why we usually freeze fish and, as Mónica Carrera, from the Institute of Marine Research explained to us, it is also enough to cook it exceeding 60ºC inside.

As we do not always have the opportunity to buy fresh fish every time we are going to consume it, sometimes we buy more than necessary, portioning and freezing it, leaving the one we are going to consume in the fridge and freezing the rest for when we go to cook it.

Whatever the reason you are going to freeze fresh fish, we give you our advice to do it correctly so that, when you are going to consume it, it is in perfect condition for consumption.

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