How to choose the best avocado on the market: six keys to avoid making mistakes


We like avocados more and more and we use them in many recipes both raw and in other preparations. However, for many people it is difficult to know how to choose the best avocado on the market.

We all want a good avocado, which is at the optimum point of ripeness, with green flesh and a smooth and creamy texture. However, sometimes, we find stale avocados, with the inner flesh with brown spots or very hard avocados, which do not serve us to make traditional recipes such as guacamole or that seem corked inside. Today we give you six tips to help you know how to choose the best avocados in your greengrocer.

1. Look at the provenance

In supermarkets, supermarkets and neighborhood greengrocers, we find avocados from our country, -mainly from the Axarquía area of ​​Malaga- or from remote places such as Mexico, Peru and Brazil. Obviously, we recommend that you choose Spanish avocados, for sustainability reasons and to help our growers.

2. Check the avocado variety

In our country different varieties of avocado are grown and marketed, some with smooth skin and others with rough skin and of different sizes. Our advice is to choose avocados of the Hass variety, which tend to be the ones that give a more homogeneous and satisfactory result, which are the ones with rough skin.

3. Choose avocados one at a time

Although we sometimes find six or seven avocados in linear meshes -and it is likely that they have a sale price-, in these meshes it is difficult to assess the ripeness of each avocado, so it is most likely that we let us carry some past, difficult to use.

4. Touch the avocados if possible

Loosely so as not to damage the avocados, a slight pressure on the part where the peduncle was will indicate the degree of maturity. If it gives slightly, it is ready. If it is hard, it will be a few days before its consumption. If it gives a lot like cream, the avocado will be soggy.

5. Look at the color of the skin

Avocados of the Hash variety are usually green when they are hard, they tend to a color type veraison when they are maturing and take an almost black color when they are at the optimum moment. Choose the avocados that best suit you according to when you are going to consume them. Some take a brown or brown color that does not indicate by itself the degree of maturity.

6. Look under the button that they have where the peduncle was

Removing the button located in the place where they were attached to the tree, we can also see the degree of ripeness of the avocados. If it is difficult to remove or when it appears whitish or very light green when removed, the avocado needs more time to ripen.

If a deep green color is visible under the button, the avocado is ready. If it looks brown or brown, the avocado is probably soggy.

7. Ask the professionals

Although we have already given you our six tips to choose the best avocados on the market, here is an extra one. If you buy your avocados in a greengrocer, ask the professionals who will tell you which are the best avocados, if you tell them when you want to consume them. Your experience is the best guarantee.

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