How to Quickly Chill Beer: Three Tricks That Work


When the heat invades us, one of the drinks we like the most to refresh ourselves is usually beer. But when many people get together at home it is easy for the cold beers to run out and we only have a few "of time" left. And that in summer is difficult to cope with. That's why we want to tell you how to quickly cool beer and give you some tricks that work for such a noble purpose.

Remember these tricks at the next house party, the next garden barbecue, or the next gathering or moraga on the beach, when you need to chill your beer effectively. As a preview, I will tell you that some of the suggested ways are highly effective, cooling a bottle of beer almost instantly and there are methods to cool a larger number of drinks in record time.

Method 1. Ice water and salt

This is the scientific evolution of the traditional method of putting beer bottles in a bowl of ice. If instead of doing it only with ice we add water and salt, the salt lowers the temperature at which water and ice mix, causing the ice to begin to melt. This causes the water to be at a lower temperature, quickly transmitting that drop in temperature to the drink that will be perfect to drink in approximately 15 minutes.

If you want to speed up this process even more, you can do it by putting the bowl with the water, salt, ice and beers in the freezer, but you will hardly notice the difference. You can also rotate the contents of the bowl by stirring with a stick so that the temperature drops faster. This will reduce the time necessary for the temperature drop to 10 minutes.

Method 2. Napkins or kitchen paper

The usual thing when we do not have cold beer is to run it into the fridge or if we are in a hurry, put the bottles directly into the freezer. In the following video, (although it is in English it is perfectly understood) it is about cooling three bottles of beers with three different methods:

a) Put the hot beer bottle in the fridge.
b) Put the beer in the freezer.
c) Wrap the bottle with kitchen paper, wet the paper with water and then put the wrapped bottle in the freezer.

Curiously, the third bottle drops from 22 to 15ºC in temperature in just 15 minutes. An effective method that I recommend you remember the next time you want to have a cold beer, while you prepare one of our good appetizer recipes.

Method 3. Sprays have many uses

Perhaps you have ever seen the use of sprays to quickly cool some products. I remember a video of Heston Blumenthale cooling a cake on a semi-frozen plate using this same method. It basically consists of turning compressed air sprays upside down that are often used to "blow" on cameras and lenses, or to clean computers or keyboards.

When they are turned upside down, the content does not come out but the propellant gas under pressure, which is usually at a temperature below zero. By directing the jet of gas over the beer bottles, they cool down almost immediately, and can even freeze in minutes. Watch this simple cooling method in the video.

The trick, as can be seen in detail, is to quickly move the spray so as not to freeze a single area, but by sweeping the side of the bottles can be cooled, turning them as a light layer of frost forms on the outside. Thus, a bottle can be cooled in less than two minutes, being the fastest method although it is only effective for small quantities to be cooled (maximum two or three bottles).

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