How to chill a beer in just three minutes


In case no one had noticed, summer is here. And of course, with so much heat, what you want is something very cool, like a beer or ice cream. The problem is that sometimes things are not cold in the fridge when we need them, either because we are clueless or because we consume them faster than they get cold.

For the matter of ice creams, my partner Juana showed us the other day an exotic name (Zoku) refrigerator capable of turning any liquid into ice cream in just seven minutes. "I want that for my beer," I said to myself as soon as I saw it. So inquiring, inquiring, I have found a way to cool the beer in just three minutes.

Such a magic trick can be achieved with, in addition to beers, a salad bowl, a lot of ice, a little water, salt and, if possible, a cold freezer, although it is expendable.

The first thing to do is put the ice and the beers in a large salad bowl or a small bucket, then add a splash of water and a good handful of salt. If we have the freezer or refrigerator at hand, we introduce the salad bowl and after three minutes we will have cold beers.

How is the miracle worked? Well, very simple; To dissolve in water, salt needs heat — it is an endothermic reaction — and since everything around it will be cold, it will remove the thermal energy from the beers, which will cool as if by magic.

If you are camping or picnicking and you don't have a fridge, don't add water and increase the beer-ice ratio to ensure that everything comes out correctly and you don't end up with a puddle of water and some warm beers because the reaction absorbs the heat from the air hot from around and not from beer.

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