How to properly line a mold

For a cake or cake to turn out well, good ingredients, a good recipe and cooking it in a good mold are essential. There is nothing more frustrating than after spending the work of preparing the dough, spending time and energy with the baking when unmolding our cake, it falls apart losing its shape or being half stuck to the container. And it is that even in the best quality mold this can happen to us easily so it is necessary to apply basic rules to grease and line the molds correctly in order to obtain good results.

The ideal is to butter or grease it either with butter, margarine, sunflower oil or release sprays. Then sprinkle flour all over it and remove any that has not stuck. This helps the dough as it grows in the oven to "grip" the walls of the mold and not drain during cooking, leaving a cake that is caked on the base. But there are certain cakes with a fairly liquid dough that, better than floured, need their mold to be lined with greaseproof paper so that they can be turned over and peeled off easily. But, the way to place this paper is also decisive to obtain a good release.

  • Circle molds: Ideally, cut a wide strip of paper long enough to fit around the perimeter of the mold. Once the strip is cut, fold it lengthwise about four centimeters, cutting with scissors at intervals of about two centimeters. This constitutes the side lining. Lining the lower part is easier, use the base of the mold to cut a circle of baking paper and place it adjusting, covering the tabs that we had prepared on the side strip.

  • Square and rectangular molds: Grease the base and the sides. Cut two strips the width of the mold that stick out from the sides. Place one in one direction and the other on top on the other sides of the mold, so the corners will be perfectly covered.

A simple gesture that can help us obtain excellent results when unmolding our cakes and biscuits.

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