How to make special butter cream for macarons filling: recipe for filling macarons like a chef

Here we bring you today one of the fillings that we use the most when preparing macarons, the special butter cream to fill macarons and that we learned in the Sébastien Serveau Macarons Course.

It is a very versatile cream, because later and as we explain below, it will allow you to transform it into many flavors just by including other small amounts of ingredients while maintaining proper proportions.


For 30 units
  • Butter to point ointment 125 g
  • Egg M 1
  • Yolk 2
  • Sugar 85 g
  • Water 25 g

How to make special butter cream for macarons fillings

Difficulty: medium
  • Total time 35 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 20 m

We will need a precision scale and a kitchen thermometer to be good, since we must control the temperature of the sugar. We will start by weighing the ingredients separately. We beat the softened butter in a bowl to put it in ointment for a few minutes. In the bowl of a kitchen robot with the accessory rods we toss the whole egg and the yolks, we reserve.

In a separate saucepan we put the water and sugar without stirring over medium heat until the thermometer marks 121 degrees. When the thermometer reaches 110 degrees we will begin to beat the eggs that we had in the robot bowl at high speed, and then while continuing to beat add the boiling sugar in fine thread.

We will continue beating until the mixture is warm, about five minutes approximately and that is when we will add the ointment butter in small portions. We continue beating at low speed until we get a smooth cream, we keep it in a bowl covered with a film that we will put well glued to the surface.

With these ingredients we will obtain approximately 250 grams to which we can add 55 grams of other ingredients to flavor it, such as blueberry or raspberry fruit jams, melted chocolate topping or directly add soluble coffee, natural vanilla essence, dried fruits or coconut, in order to get many more flavors from a single type of cream.

Keep in the fridge if it is not going to be used immediately and remove half an hour before so that it softens and you can work well on the sleeve.

With what to accompany the butter cream to fill macarons

This special butter cream for macarons fillings will conquer you with its delicate flavor and silky texture, and will enhance the macarons shells giving them a very soft filling.

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