How to make bowls of melted chocolate

Now that the strawberry season begins and it is so tempting to prepare strawberries with cream, you have to look for beautiful and different ways of presenting such a hackneyed dessert, such as in a bowl of melted chocolate.

But how do you make a bowl of melted chocolate? The answer is as curious as it is simple, since we are going to use balloons to give the desired shape to the melted chocolate and get some edible chocolate bowls that are lighter and more original than the classic waffle lilies.

How to make edible chocolate bowls

To make bowls of melted chocolate we are going to need chocolate to melt and a balloon for each bowl that we want to make. We must also have several bowls on hand to let the balloons dry.

We start by inflating the balloons to the desired size, washing them with cold water. Then we melt the chocolate, either in a water bath or in the microwave, following the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, we paint the balloons with plenty of chocolate and let them dry face up.

As soon as the chocolate has hardened we explode the balloons and, et voilà, we already have our edible chocolate bowls. As a tip, you should avoid leaving the chocolate in the balloons too long or it may get stuck. To avoid it, we can also spread them with a little butter before dipping them in the chocolate.

Processing time | 30 minutes Difficulty | Easy


Bowls of melted chocolate are perfect for serving ice cream, strawberries and cream, or fruit salads. They are delicious and, in addition, they can be prepared in advance and saved until we need to use them.

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