How to make serrano ham flowers

In a matter of love there are two types of people, those who are conquered with flowers and those who are conquered by the stomach. Although on second thought there may be a third group, those who want everything, so these Serrano ham flowers are dedicated to them. Beautiful to look at and rich on the palate, it can be an aperitif that causes a sensation at any of your summer dinners.

And it is that many times the simplest thing to prepare is what will attract the most attention at our table and these flowers, well placed in a center, will serve to decorate and at the same time for your guests to peck at them accompanied by a good wine. Imagine their face when they see that the centerpiece you have placed for them is edible.

To prepare them, you are only going to need a few slices of serrano ham cut by machine very thin, more or less depending on the size, like two for each flower. A few whole chives sprigs and a few breadsticks or grissinis to make the stem. Also, if you want to give it a more realistic air, get hold of some aromatic herbs, oregano, basil or mint, they will serve as a very refreshing base to arrange the sticks, and that they do not fall into the chosen container.

Start by rolling a slice of ham around the grissini, shaping it like a rosebud, to make the inside of the flower. Place the next one superimposing it on the previous one and with a toothpick open the edges to imitate petals. Close the slices of ham with a knot made with two sprigs of chives, cutting off the protruding ends and arrange them in a bowl or salad bowl with the aromatic herbs. Keep them in the fridge for up to ten minutes before serving to temper them.

I hope that with these Serrano ham roses you will triumph at your dinners and picnics, the truth is that it was never so delicious to be sent to eat flowers.

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