How to Make Herb Butter


Today I want to tell you how to make butter with fine herbs since, although it is a very simple recipe, then it has many uses in a multitude of recipes, and to my surprise, when in friends' gatherings I used it when preparing roasted potatoes in the oven, or a good grilled steak, many people are very surprised by the great flavor it brings, and do not know how to prepare it.

Ingredients for 8 servings

  • 250 gr of butter, aromatic herbs to taste (oregano, parsley, coriander, chives, basil, thyme, rosemary) and optionally two cloves of garlic. To wrap, a little plastic or kitchen wrap

How to Make Herb Butter

We start by removing the butter from the fridge and leaving it at room temperature, until it is very soft, with an ointment texture. To check this, we press it lightly with a fork and we see that it sinks perfectly.

We prepare our selection of fresh herbs, the ones you like the most, and make a kind of ball with them, to facilitate cutting. Afterwards, we chop them over and over again, in one direction and the other, until practically all the pieces are the same and very small. If we are going to make the butter with a slight touch of garlic, we also chop the two garlic cloves very finely.

We put the ointment butter in a bowl, and add the very chopped herbs, and if necessary also the garlic pieces, and we mix with the fork until the mixture is well homogeneous, that is, all the seasonings of our butter are made are well distributed.

We spread a piece of kitchen plastic and on it we place our butter with the fine herbs, and we close it carefully, forming a cylinder that we tighten and close with a knot at each end. After leaving our roll in the fridge for a few hours, we will have our butter ready, which we can cut into portions as we need it.

Processing time | 15 minutes plus rest
Difficulty | Very easy


I can think of many uses for this Herb Butter. A slice placed on the golden side of a steak when turning it over, a grilled sole with this same finish, to enrich sauces, and of course, to put in the center of the classic roast potatoes, are some of them. And to you, can you think of other uses?

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