How to make custard without eggs: special recipe for intolerant and allergic

We cannot deny that we love homemade custard; We have recipes for all occasions, without forgetting the chocolate versions. Very simple to prepare, the custard has something of homey and the best thing is that it adapts to any taste and need easily. On this occasion we teach you how to make custard without eggs, which in my case is also lactose-free and gluten-free.

At home we like creamy custard but without thickening it too much -I have found custard that looks more like a pastry cream-, mellow and with a good vanilla flavor. So I don't use too much cornstarch and I prefer to add cream and cook them over low heat, but you can increase the amount of starch if you like them denser.


For 6 people
  • Milk with or without lactose 600 ml
  • Liquid cream to assemble with or without lactose 100 g
  • Vanilla bean 1
  • Cinnamon stick 1
  • Ground turmeric 1 g
  • Cornstarch 25 g
  • Sugar 65 g
  • Salt 1 g
  • Maria cookies or nuts (to taste)

How to make custard without egg

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 25 m
  • Repose 2 h

Arrange the milk -which can be without lactose or a vegetable version- with the cream -the same- in a saucepan with the vanilla pod open and the cinnamon stick. Heat just until it is about to boil, turn off the heat and cover. Let infuse for at least 15 minutes and mix with turmeric, to give it color.

While it cools a little, mix the cornstarch with the sugar and a pinch of salt with some rods. Strain the milk infusion by pouring it over the second mixture through a strainer. Stir well with the rods and return to the fire. Heat over low heat, stirring constantly with gentle movements, until thick.

Keep in mind that they will thicken more once they have cooled, but if we see that there is very liquid we can add a little more cornstarch diluted in a little cold milk. Divide into bowls, wait for it to cool down a little and put in the fridge for at least two hours.

With what to accompany the custard without egg

Homemade custard without egg can be served, like all custard, with many accompaniments to taste. Cookies do not usually fail - we can put them before letting the custard cool to soften them, or just before serving to make them crunchy - but they are also rich with nuts, natural fruit, burnt sugar, ground cinnamon, etc.

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