How to make homemade ciabatta bread, flourless chocolate cake and more at Directo al Paladar México


Thursdays are always days of celebration. And not because the weekend is just around the corner, but because it's time to take a walk through Directo al Paladar México and enjoy the recipes that they have given us in the last seven days.

You can see that summer also takes its toll on those lands, as its weekly proposals are linked by freshness, simplicity and the absence of complications. Just the type of cuisine that you want and appreciate at this time of year. Do we see them together?

We make the start of the weekly walk coincide with the start of the day with a recipe for breakfast: potatoes (or potatoes) stuffed with egg and salami. Perfect for those who require a high energy intake first thing in the day. Although they are also excellent at lunch or dinner, better still accompanied by a green leafy salad. Do not you think?

Equally original and versatile are the bread toasts with raclette cheese and bacon that our colleagues from Directo al Paladar propose to serve as an aperitif, but which we would be delighted to eat at any time of the day. Like cheese lovers that we all are, we fall at his feet.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are with the appetizers, what do you think of these gratin mushrooms? A recipe that fits vegetarian diets, but is not exclusive to them. Juicy, tasty and nutritious, few appetizers seem as appetizing as this one, which I have already taken good notes to prepare at home shortly.

As for the main dishes, this week we have to choose between meat and fish. For meat lovers, chicken wire casseroles, a traditional recipe of Mexican cuisine that comes with a twist. For lovers of fish, two wonderful and different proposals to enjoy them: tuna curry with apple and raisins and fish stuffed with bacon.

And to accompany each and every one of these bites, nothing better than a homemade bread. There are few things that surpass it and, although we may be lazy to get down to business, it is worth cheering up. If we have the thermomix, the task is very simple. We have been able to verify it in this post in which they explain how to make ciabatta in thermomix.

Finally it is the turn of dessert and sweets. On behalf of these, we bring you a cake without flour of chocolate and walnut that is suitable for celiacs and for those who want to control their carbohydrate intake. Very easy to prepare and great for a sweet dessert or for a mid-afternoon snack with a coffee.

Until next Thursday!

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