How to make shortbread with Thermomix


Making the shortcrust pasta with Thermomix is ​​very simple. The shortcrust pastry is the basis for making cookies, sweet and savory cakes, quiches or tartlets. It is made from flour and butter, usually in a 2x1 ratio. It can also have salt or royal yeast, which makes the dough crispier when baking. Eggs are also sometimes added, either whole or just the yolks, and in sweet preparations icing sugar (powdered) is also added.

The French call her sable pasta, that is to say, sand, due to its sandy consistency, which breaks easily. There are many variations, as I have already said. As our colleague Pintxo comments, some with cream and grated cheese. Be that as it may, our Thermomix will save us a lot of time, since in a matter of seconds, at speed 4-5, we will have this dough ready that by hand requires much more time and work.

As always, we must first put the liquid ingredients, eggs or cream, and then the butter, in pieces, as cold as possible, and lastly the flour and other solid ingredients, such as sugar or cheese, if it has one.

A basic recipe consists of 150 gr. of flour, 75 gr. cold butter, an egg and a pinch of salt. This mass must be worked cold, so it is not a bad thing to chill the glass beforehand for a few minutes in the freezer, or with some ice cubes. You do not have to beat the dough excessively, just enough to make a ball that begins to separate from the walls of the glass. Normally 20 seconds at speed 4-5 is sufficient. Sometimes you can add a little cold water, if we see that the consistency is very mealy.

Once ready, it is passed to the table, rolled into a ball and covered with plastic wrap. Before using it to fill a mold, it should cool down well, ideally two hours in the cold, or 20-30 minutes in the freezer. Then we put it on the table and proceed to stretch it with the roller.

If it is to make a cake that we are going to fill, it is best to prick the base with a fork, cover with a weighted parchment paper (some chickpeas or dried beans, for example), and bake at 180º for 10 minutes. The weight will prevent the dough from rising from the heat.

Then we will remove the paper and the weight, and bake another 5-8 minutes, or until it begins to brown. This way we avoid that when introducing the filling, the dough of the base is raw. Once the cake is filled, whether salty or sweet, we finish the baking for another 15-30 minutes, depending on the type of filling used.

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