How to make green sauce


How to make green sauce is often disputed between one and the other. There are those who consider the green sauce only as the set of oil, garlic and parsley, to which water or stock is added plus a little flour to thicken the sauce.

And the truth is that they are right, that is the green sauce of a lifetime. In fact, as it has so few ingredients, it is what is usually prepared in many places. I remember in a hospital that I worked a long time ago for a few months that we did it that way, period.

Today I want to bring you a different way of preparing it and that after all is how almost everyone prepares green sauce. In my case I am going to make the recipe for hake in green sauce, that way I will make the sauce as well as the garnish and the main genre, the hake.

Ingredients for hake in green sauce

  • 8 medallions of hake, olive oil, 100 g of onion, 3 garlic, 200 g of clams (in my case large chirlas), 150 ml of white wine, 200 g of peas, 4 boiled eggs, 8 tips of asparagus, a lot chopped parsley, salt and flour.

How to make green sauce

Usually we will use a large clay pot. Although I prefer to use the casserole of the century XXI, one of cast aluminum. In this casserole we put oil and sauté the finely chopped onion and garlic, but without turning any color.

Add the white wine, the clams and the peas and let the white wine reduce by half. Then we add the floured hake and passed around and around in a pan with a little oil. And we cover with water or fish broth.

Let the whole cook for 10 minutes, although it depends on the thickness of the hake. And we also sprinkle with parsley and add salt.

Making the green sauce is very easy and is one of the classic ways to eat hake. From time to time I read how there are very few high-end restaurants that continue to maintain this dish, and it is a shame because it is really very tasty.

To finish our hake in green sauce, we serve the portion and accompany it with a boiled or even poached egg per person and some asparagus tips. There are those who also add some prawns in the last minutes of cooking.

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