How to keep the meat so that it is in perfect condition when we are going to use it

Before entering the subject, the first thing to keep in mind is to have a good product, that is, to have bought the meat well, a perishable ingredient to which it deserves to devote all our attention. So we gave you six tips for buying meat and advanced some preservation techniques. Once we have a good product, today we tell you how to keep the meat we buy so that it is in perfect condition when we are going to use it.

The second warning prior to the subject at hand is related to the transfer of meat from the butcher or supermarket to your home, maintaining the cold chain. It is essential, and especially in the summer season, to take care of the temperature of the meat, for which you can use special bags such as frozen ones or at least leave the meat for the last moment and not entertain ourselves so that it is very cold at all times. We will leave it at room temperature when we go to cook it.

How to keep the meat in perfect condition

Fillets and the like

Beef steaks ready to cook

In the case of steaks, I recommend you consume them within two days of buying them. When we get home, we take the fillets out of their containers -where they may have some liquid or juices- and wrap them in aluminum foil, immediately putting them in the fridge and consuming them in the following days.

They could hold another couple of days more in the fridge, but if you are going to take more than two days to fry or bread them, it is preferable to freeze the meat in packages of two or three fillets, well wrapped in kitchen film or in aluminum foil.


Freshly bought minced meat

Pay special attention to minced meat, as it can spoil right away. I always buy the minced meat the day I am going to use it, and I always ask that it be passed through the machine ONLY ONE TIME, because with two passes it is almost like a paste.

If you are not going to consume the minced meat in a day or two, it is better to buy preparations with preservative additives.

That minced meat - I recommend asking for a needle that comes out well priced and is quite tender - does not last more than two days without risk. If you are going to make the purchase on a Thursday to use it for the weekend, do not buy minced meat in front of you but prepared from those that come packaged, because those carry additives that facilitate their conservation.

The risk of minced meat being contaminated is very high, so when in doubt, it is better to use these preparations than to risk food poisoning. But there is another solution ...

Minced meat ready to freeze

What I do: I buy a kilo of minced meat, I use it in the day and if I do not need all, I freeze it in packages with the trick that I told you here, which allows defrosting the necessary portion without defrosting the rest. Do not forget it because minced meat is a source of poisoning every year due to the ease that bacteria have to proliferate in it.

Roasting pieces

Meat for roasting on your mesh

The round, the shoulder or sirloin of the poor, the roast beef high loin or the tail of veal are ideal pieces for roasting in the oven, and that generally always go well following our recipes. We even already told you how you can fix a roast that comes out with little sauce but today it is time to talk about conservation and that is why I tell you how to preserve the piece of meat from the purchase to the time of cooking it.

In meat juices it is easy for bacteria to proliferate. Always remove the meat from its packaging, remove the juices and wrap it in kitchen film

In general, the pieces of meat for roasting, being pieces that weigh at least a kilo, can hold very well in the fridge, even four or five days without further preparation.

I always ask the butcher to mend the meat to keep the shape and when I get home, I remove the paper from the butcher and wrap the piece in kitchen film, to prevent it from rusting or getting ugly on the outside.

As with steaks, bacteria are easy for meat juices to grow, so before storing the meat in the fridge, I prefer to change it to a wrapper made by me after removing the juices and drying the meat with paper absorbent. Always remove the meat from its packaging, discard the juices and after drying it, wrap the piece in kitchen film before putting it in the fridge.

Stewing meat

Lean meat for stewing before dicing

To make stews and meat stews, I usually buy needle meat or pieces of lean meat to cut into tacos and make them in the express pot. I prefer to buy a piece of a kilo or a kilo and a half and cut it at home, rather than asking to be given it already cut into pieces because each cut that is given to the meat is a source of contamination risk. (That's why the one that has more risk is the minced meat)

When I get home, if I am going to cook it, I cut it into thick strips and then into tacos as seen in the image. If I am going to wait a few days, I keep the whole piece after changing the packaging to a film and leave it in the fridge for two or three days. If I am going to take longer to consume it, I prefer to freeze the piece or cut the tacos and freeze it in pieces.

Bonus Track: How to Freeze and Thaw Meat

If you are not going to eat it today, you better freeze it and take it out when you go to cook it

This is obvious, but there is no other reminder. To freeze meat, it is better to freeze it as soon as you buy it than to wait a few days and freeze it when it is done "reguleraIt is preferable to freeze in small packages, -freeze faster and better- and it will help us to dose, taking the meat that we are going to need from the freezer, leaving the rest frozen.

To defrost, we put the pieces of frozen meat on a plate, without unwrapping them, and leave them in the lower part of our refrigerator, where they will be ready to cook 24 to 36 hours later. Nothing to leave the meat at room temperature directly, or defrost in the microwave or we will lose a lot of quality, especially in texture.

I hope that all these tips to keep the meat in perfect condition from the purchase until the moment you go to cook it will come in handy. I assure you that it is worth having them always at hand.

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