How do we like the potato omelette best? The results


Recently here, at Directo al Paladar, we asked them that question to find out which of the potato omelette recipes published on our blog they liked the most.

We gave them a choice between 5 candidates:

Namely, the classic Spanish omelette on the fire, only with potato and egg; then the also very typical Spanish omelette with onion, of which there are plenty of words; a surprising potato omelette in the microwave, fast and effective; another baked, baked potato omelette; and finally another one that Adrià himself made fashionable, the Spanish omelette with potato chips.

Well, more than half of the respondents have chosen one of the recipes. Guess which one?

True, if you have chosen the Spanish omelette with onion, you are right.

A little more than 55% of those surveyed have chosen this elaboration. Potatoes, egg and onion. Of course, with many variants: some of our readers prefer them undercooked, others well toasted on top and bottom, with the filling pureed, with a little milk when beating the eggs, some even dare to add green peppers, bacon , chorizo, cheese, etc. Infinity of ingredients for a whole range of tastes.

In second place, a not inconsiderable 27% have chosen the Spanish omelette made on the fire. Without a doubt, the most classic, the most sober: good potatoes, fresh eggs and a good fire. Unbeatable. A jewel of gastronomy.

And closing the survey we have, with 11% of the votes, the baked potato omelette. Another wonderful preparation - perhaps less common in today's Spanish houses - but no less tasty and appetizing for that.

The other 7% that remains to complete the "statistical cheese" has been used by our readers in giving us their recipes, some of which we have already commented above and that we leave pending to elaborate as soon as the "Christmas obligations" leave us a moment.

Thank you all very much for your participation and remember that you can vote until the end of the year for the new survey that we propose: The best of 2008 En Directo al Paladar

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