Comparison of dehydrated sachet soups: poultry soups with noodles


Not long ago I was talking about a comparison between different packaged wines. Seeing the interest aroused by that I now offer you a comparison between dehydrated envelope soups, poultry soups with noodles. And it is that in these last weeks I have seen return to the TV screens ads for these soups, which had not been advertised for years, with the argument of low price and savings.

I have compared the same range of soups, those of poultry with noodles, which seem to be present with the same or similar name in the most widespread commercial brands: Gallina Blanca, Hacendado and Knorr.

In terms of prices, all of them being very cheap, the cheapest, with a price of 0.24 euros, is the Hacendado Bird Soup with Noodles, manufactured by Interal S.A., from Lezo, Guipúzcoa. The labeling is correct, the ingredients, nutritional information and expiration date are clearly visible. The ingredient list is long, especially with numerous additives, flavor enhancers, and antioxidants. The fat content is a bit high, 6%, and the sodium content is over 5 gr. for every 100 gr. of dry product.

We move on to a classic, the Bird Soup with White Gallina Noodles, which I already remember having when I was little, some five years ago. Made in Barcelona, ​​the lot that has been my luck has an additional 25% free promotion. Of course it is not free, but of the scarce 76 gr. The usual ones go to 95 gr., with which an additional portion is obtained. In any case, its price of 0.60 euros is more than double that of the Hacendado brand.

It advertises on its front that it has less sodium, which is true when compared to Hacendado, but the claim that it does not contain cholesterol is not correct, it should say that it contains “little” or that it is “low in cholesterol”. On the other hand, it is the only one analyzed with added olive oil. Its total fat content is lower than others, only 1%.

Regarding the labeling, as always very striking in Gallina Blanca, with the brand's usual use of reds and yellows, with highly visible tables talking about the advantages of dehydration. But the nutritional information almost has to be seen with a magnifying glass, let alone the ingredients.

Knorr's Poultry Soup with Fine Noodles stands out for its more elegant and attractive packaging, but looking at its components it highlights a somewhat high salt content, 13 gr. of salt for every 100 gr. of product, and higher fat content than Gallina Blanca, but below Hacendado. It also differs in the recipe, since it only uses onion as a vegetable, without adding carrots, potatoes, celery or parsley as in the others.

In all of them, the main ingredient stands out, the noodles, followed by the salt and the flavor enhancer, monosodium glutamate, and that perhaps is responsible for a habitual criticism from many consumers: all the soups from sachets taste the same, or are very similar.

Glutamate, widely used in oriental cuisine, provides the so-called fifth taste, the recently described umami ("tasty taste" in Japanese), which stimulates special receptors on the tongue. Although it is found naturally in algae and some foods, the addition of monosodium glutamate to foods has been much discussed, as a possible source of food allergies, the so-called "Chinese restaurant syndrome".

However, after numerous studies it has been shown that there is no danger with the use of this substance, which has been approved by the who and the European Union many years ago for its food use. It also allows to enhance the flavor of foods and soups by reducing the salt content.

In short, these dehydrated envelope soups are a quick and cheap alternative to packaged soups of other types, and they are also easy to store and their expiration is very long, several years, standing out above all for the less space they occupy in our pantry. . The cheapest is Hacendado brand and the healthiest is Gallina Blanca. Another song is the taste, very different and in my opinion much less "natural" than brick soups or a homemade soup, which I still insist is the best and healthiest alternative.

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