Quince compote. Recipe

When a couple of quinces fell into my hands a few days ago, I was clear from the beginning what I had to do with them, a quince compote, somewhat lighter than traditional quince meat.

Today it is not a product that we usually have in the pantry and we buy it from time to time, but when I was little and I opened my mother's fridge, in the basket of the door that was right where I still could not reach without stand on tiptoe, there was always a tub of quince jelly. It was a regular snack for us.

The ingredients

4 ripe quinces, 100 grams of sugar, 1 cinnamon stick, water.

The preparation of the quince compote

Peel the quinces and cut them into small pieces, while we peel and cut them all, we can leave them in a bowl of water with a stream of lemon, since they oxidize quickly.

We put a pot on the fire with the pieces of quince, the cinnamon, the sugar and 2 glasses of water.

We let it cook until the quince is tender, from time to time we stir, we watch that all the water is not consumed and that it does not stick to the pot and crush with a fork to avoid that the pieces are too whole.

When the quince compote is cold, we can store it in airtight jars in the fridge to spend little by little.

Preparation time | 15 minutes
Cooking time | 45 minutes
Difficulty | Low


We can taste the quince compote alone, although we can also accompany it with creamy natural yogurt for example or on some tartlets with fresh cheese.

A pairing worth trying and that is really surprising to the palate due to its strong contrast is to eat it accompanied by a portion of highly cured sheep cheese (almost spicy).

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